Friday, 12 August 2022

Guest spot - 'Old John' does it in style!

Over the last week I have been busy painting 3 battalions of War of The Spanish Succession French infantry - a total of 54 figures including 3 mounted officers - for Tony. I changed my usual black undercoat after giving it a lot of thought to a mid Grey, which I must say has worked very well for these Sky Grey coated French and it's a method I will stick to for such troops in the future. I'll describe more with photos in the next post but for now I wanted to share some photos that John sent me of a recent game played on his large table featuring troops from his collection. I'm sure John will fill us in about the figures used and answer any questions but I know there are a 'few' in there that I painted for him!

Edit: John has left a few notes in the comments section. Google won't let him post as 'Old John' (as he is always known), but he lists all the figure manufacturers there, cheers John.


  1. Wow, great looking game. I’ve got toy envy!

    1. That new pad of yours JBM will surely accommodate a similar sized table :) Hope it's all going well for you mate.

      John is going to pop a few notes later about the game and the figures used.


    2. game fought 18th/20thJuly, in heat!!, fun fictional game loosely based on WSS in Spain, rules used were my mate Iain's, play testing, YES loadsa figures painted by Lee, right of table were Franco/Spanish troops, left side of table Allied troops comprising British, Catalonians , Austrians, Dutch, Italian States (Papal, Genoa, Milan , Genoa), white building is conversion from AIrfix La Haye Sainte sets
      figures from many makers both plastic & metal,
      METAL , Les Higgins, Douglas Miniatures, Irregular Miniatures , Lancer Miniatures,Alberken, Minifigs S range, Hagen (Germany), Minarion(Spain)
      PLASTIC, Strelets , Mars
      RESIN, BUM (Spain) Hugarian Hussars

      cheers Old John

    3. also some Warrior 1680s range in metal, uniform sources so many , eg Robert Hall's books , CDs & colour plates, Charles Grant's Pike & Shot, Helion Books, plus books in various languages (Spanish, Italian, French, German et al , if anyone wants more details please just ask
      cheers Old John

  2. Splendid looking game, lots of lovely figures!
    Best Iain


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