Sunday, 30 January 2022

Soviet Naval Brigade and more big boxes from John!

I seem to be settling into regular Sunday updates on painting progress. I have been busy working through these 73 Soviet Naval troops in 20mm scale for Alister and they are just about finished now. I spent a fair bit of time looking at images of these uniforms as they seem to range from black to blue. I went somewhere in between as black uniforms are too flat in this scale so a mix of Vallejo Black Grey and Dark Prussian Blue was used with some subtle highlights to  lift them as far as possible without going too blue. Some of the command figures got the lighter blue jacket often depicted and there are also a few wearing greatcoats for a touch of variety. The overall look is I think quite realistic, the touches of white also help left them a bit. They will be heading home to Brighton this week. Note: photos taken just before matt varnishing as they will be put aside to dry before packing.

Next up are the two units of ECW foot for Graham, 15mm Peter Pig figures of course, that's for this week after which I will return to some painting for Old John from whom I received two extremely big boxes on Tuesday as you can see! I will be opening them for a look through later today now that the Soviets are finished. 

I did also manage another base of 72 Russian Crimean infantry this week, so that's 7 towards my planned total of 10 per side, I'll do another (7th) British base this coming week to keep things even. My thoughts are very much on terrain now. 

Sunday, 23 January 2022

French cavalry for Tony and current state of the 6mm Crimean War collection.

 Had quite a busy week on the domestic front but managed to paint two more WSS cavalry regiments for Tony and finish off more 6mm basing, and also added another couple of French infantry battalions so not bad overall.

These two cavalry regiments represent the French units of Du Roi and Tarnault. Du Roi wear blue coats and as a 'Royal' regiment the trumpeter wears the Royal Livery. Tarnault wear off white  coats with the trumpeter in the Colonels livery decorated with white lace. They are of course Les Higgins castings with an Irregular officer and standard bearer, 20mm scale. You see them her awaiting their coat of glossy varnish as requested as I just need to do a final check over for things such as officers cuff details etc. Horses are a mix of dark browns again as requested with a few lighter highlights here and there.

Edited to add a few 'shiny shots' - officers cuff edges have had silver lace adding!

The 6mm Crimean war figures are coming on a treat now and I'm finally happy with the basing method! I'm regarding each base as a brigade now, represented by 72 infantry or 24 cavalry which gives a very pleasing mass effect. I still have a  couple of cavalry bases to do but otherwise all done now. I have a stock of Russian and British line infantry in the drawer but I'm just taking my time and of course prioritising the commission work. I'm finding the combination most enjoyable.

Looking ahead I have some lovely 20mm WW2 Soviet naval troops to paint for Alister. Around 75 figures with mixed equipment and poses, rifles, MG's, anti tank teams and mortar teams. They are wonderful little sculpts with lots of facial detail, from Grubby Tanks (link). I also have another 2 regiments of foot for Graham (56 Peter Pig figures) so will working them all together over the next 2 weeks. John also has another large box of figures on the way to me this week so February will be nice and busy!