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This page includes links to the many different scales and periods that I have painted as an example of my painting style that I describe as a good wargaming standard. There are hundreds of photos here if you enjoy browsing painted model soldiers as I do and if you like something you see here and would like me to paint some for you please get in touch via the commission painting link.


18mm AB Napoleonics.  - Hundreds of examples of Napoleonic French, British, Spanish, Prussian and Portuguese by Tony Barton.

20mm gallery. - Many vintage ranges on show here, mostly for 'Old John' Cunningham for whom I have painted for over 10 years, plus many Napoleonics and ECW's painted for Tony (Prometheus in Aspic blog) and even a couple of battalions I did for Ian at Vintage Hinton Hunt a few years back.

1/72nd plastics. - I have painted many of the Strelets WSS sets for Old John and must say they are very good figures indeed. 

15mm ACW & AWI. - This is really a gallery of Peter Pig figures, a range I really enjoy painting. 

Essex Miniatures 15mm Napoleonics. - Very nice older style range that paints up incredibly well.

6mm Napoleonics. - Loads of photos of Baccus Napoleonics here.

Robs amazing Hinchliffe ECW's! - Rob became the new owner of my 800 figure ECW collection a  few years back and has worked on them since taking them to a whole new level.

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