*Commission painting service*

I currently paint for four wargamers and collectors who keep me busy between them but as I'm now set up for painting five days a week I'm in a position to take on a another customer or two. I keep things simple, I can only paint in the style that you see through the blog pages and that is black undercoat and shades built up from dark to light, no washes or contrast paints just good old fashioned Vallejo Acrylics that can be finished in a varnish of your choice, matt, satin or gloss. My prices are I believe very reasonable for what I regard as a good wargaming standard and very competitive when compared to other painting services, at least those who I consider to actually be good at it! Other advantage is I won't keep you waiting for weeks on end because I only take on what I can comfortably handle within a reasonable time frame. I'm happy to discuss large projects on a month by month basis. Finally, I never request any payment up front, you only pay for your painted figures once they are ready to post and you are entirely happy with what you see in images. I take great care in my packing using strong plastic business card boxes within a strong outer carton. 

Prices (the bit you really want to know):

15mm or 18mm foot £2.  Mounted £3.  

20mm  or 1/72nd scale  foot £3.25  Mounted £5.00.

I do get requests for 6mm and 10mm painting. As a rough  guide I charge 75p per foot figure and £1.50 Mounted. Basing is extra.

28mm figures: I prefer to quote on individual figures, but I charge between £5.00 for a basic figure and £8.00 for figures with lots of lace and buttons etc! I'm afraid I can't assemble plastic figures but am happy to quote to paint them.

Please note that these are my basic prices but for those figures that require a bit of extra time spent on them with tons of lace or kilts etc there might be a slightly higher rate but I will fully discuss this with you before we get started. 

Thanks for looking, and if you want any further information please contact me:   lgramson@yahoo.com

                                                Lee. (PS, I'm not really as grumpy as I look!).

Grandson Ozzy starting young!


  1. Hi Lee

    Sorry to contact you via your blog, but I have lost your email. I would like some advice about the AB figures I am trying to sell. Could you drop me an email at paulleniston@hotmail.com



    1. PLease bear with me Paul and I will drop you a line later today.



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