Monday 24 November 2014

AWI progress.

I'm amazed how quickly this little project has come together over recent weeks, to be able to sit down and paint a full base of 24 figures in around an hour is a major attraction of 6mm scale painting. I think I have turned out a base each day with no problem at all so far. I'm not going to make a big issue of this project, as we all know where most of my stuff ends up going, but I have decided these will definately NOT find themselves on eBay as I intend to keep going. In hand I have several battalions of Hessians - musketeers, grenadiers and jager etc - plus several more battalions of Continental troops - formed militia, more hunting shirts, cavalry. Around the 1.000 figure mark should see this completed.

As you can see I have started on buildings with more to follow. I'm waiting on the arrival of more scenic materials to produce woods, fields, rivers etc. I intend to enjoy myself creating non hex terrain for my planned games. Tony at East Riding Miniatures supplied some great mdf 'terrain templates' that I will be using to build my woods and fields.

I'm also working on more 20mm Spanish Napoleonic infantry, progress has been slow but they are coming along well. This unit will be Regt. Irlanda, with deep sky blue coats and yellow facings! Pics will follow shortly.

Pics not great, but the mass effect of 6mm scale is well illustrated I think.

Crown forces.


Monday 10 November 2014

More 6mm AWI units.

The first couple of continental line battalions are painted, one in hunting shirts and the other in blue coats faced red. Both are of 44 figures which I think gives a good representation of a battalion in line. The third unit is a 24 figure rifle battalion in loose order loading and firing, and no doubt trying to pick off the British officers!

These units are quick to paint for me, I can do 44 figures in a couple of short sessions plus time spent on the basing. All are of course Baccus 6mm and I have to say these are some of the best Baccus figures I have painted in terms of quality of the castings, the detail is amazing. Looking along the ranks of the line units you can see how well proportioned these tiny soldiers are, no overscale blobs here.

I added a few buildings from Timecast for good measure.

PVA glue still a bit wet on a few bases here, they will darken down once dry.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

A few 6mm American War of Independence shots.

Photos not as crisp as I had hoped for so I may replace these with some taken on my daughters galaxy phone later, it takes amazing pics. This is my British/Loyalist Army so far, foot battalions of 44 figures, light infantry 24 figures and cavalry of 24 figures! This is the effect I have been wanting in this scale. I need to expand the 2 units at rear (Grenadiers and Scots) to bring them up to full strentgh.

I'm doing some Americans now, militia units.

No hexes for this project, I'm thinking of a return to Loose Files & American Scramble again (with amendments) ..... that if I get that far of course!

Flash ON for a change.

Foot Guards, no colours carried so denote elite status by adding a mounted officer.