Wednesday, 4 August 2021


Just require varnishing now but about done. Last of the previous box for Old John.

First, the Hinchliffe Winged Hussar.


Pancernci by Hagen of Germany.

Rear: Lithuanian officers (Minifigs S Range) 

Time to get packing!

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Another small box of figures arrives!

Follow up box from Old John, did make me laugh when it arrived. I always take great pleasure in carefully unboxing these and discovering the model soldier treasures within and was not disappointed, more as things progress. Painting the final dozen mounted figures from the previous box today and Wednesday, Polish Pancernci, Polish/Lithuanian officers and the winged Hussar, Then I will switch between more ECW Peter Pigs for Graham and JBM's Prussians which are intended for his Victorian Sci-Fi project.

I have lots of photos of  Johns Ottoman figures which had belonged to the late Eric Knowles, they are wonderful in their diversity so will be putting them all together on a page which I will link here as I'm sure others would like to see them.

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Another productive week.

Not bad going for a weeks painting, 40 x ECW cavalry for Graham C. plus the 7 x 20mm infantry featured in the previous post for Old John.

The cavalry were painted in units of 8 with variations in coat colours and horse blankets etc whilst trying to retain the overall look of blackened armour and buff coats. Basically the same for Royalist & Parliamentarian horse save for the red or tawny sashes. 

Tomorrow I'll prep up what's left of John's current box, a dozen mounted figures and the next box is due to arrive! 

I also have in the pipeline 36 or so lovely 15mm Prussians (1860's era?) by Fightin'15's for 'Jolly Broom Man'. These arrived ready undercoated in grey.

The figures for John this week include this fine old Hinchliffe Winged Hussar. The Hagen horses are beautiful sculpts too. 

The figures from JBM arrived in splendid style tacked down to the bottom of the box and packed out with pillow stuffing!

Thursday, 29 July 2021

More painting and some photos of Old John's table and collection!

 So far this week I have painted 16 Peter Pig ECW horse for Graham and these 7 lovely 20mm's for John. They are 'Miquelets' by Spanish maker Minairons Miniatures and sculpted with wonderful character and detail. John wanted a mix of yellow and red cuffs to the coats as they represent militia types. I like how some have the coats slung over the shoulder.

On the subject of John and his figures here are a few photos of his wargame table in action. For  those who don't know John he has been an avid collector of 20mm/1/72 soldiers since he bought his first box of Airfix Guardsmen and his collection now consists of many thousands of figures covering many periods. Like the ex Eric Knowles Ottomans featured in the previous post many are vintage castings and I have had the pleasure of painting for him for the last decade. The table is 10' long x 5' wide.

John has not updated his blog for several years but it's well worth a look: 20mm Nostalgic Revival.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Old Johns Ottoman cavalry.

I have only recently started painting Ottomans for John so it's still a bit of a learning curve coming to terms with the colourful costume and intricate designs. The most recent are these 6 Spahi Light Horse where I allowed myself a bit more latitude in order to reflect this. These are Ral Partha once again and the horses were mostly painted just requiring some touching up and green on the bases. 

John sent me a few photos of some of his existing Ottoman cavalry collection and with his permission I share them here for the delight of the vintage soldier lovers amongst you, I'm sure John will fill you in on the makes and vintages of the figures.

Also completed this week was 32 Peter Pig Confederate infantry for Graham, always a pleasure painting the Pigs of course. They will get the final check over, I can spot a few socks for example that need touching in before I'm happy to let them go! 4 packs including a command pack so a few spare command figures.

For the week ahead I will be prepping up 24 ECW horse today, that's 3 more units of 8 cavalry towards Grahams  collection.