Friday, 23 September 2022

Epic Guard cavalry and adding more infantry command bases.

 I must start by wishing regular customer and friend Graham a full and speedy recovery from his operation.

This week has been mostly about epics, the Guard cavalry set for (New) Tony and the addition of more command figures for my own collection. I started with the Empress Dragoons and followed up with the Grenadiers a cheval and today I'll be painting the Guard Horse artillery battery of 3 guns and crews, next week will be the Chasseur a cheval and Polish lancers, I'm told the Dutch lancers will also be coming my way. Whilst I do have some reservations about the soft resin material these are made from they do paint up very well. The swords and horses legs are pretty 'bendy' but not brittle so should be OK with careful handling. These are going on the warlord supplied 60 x 20mm bases, by comparison my own cavalry are based on 60 x 30mm MDF which does help with the handling somewhat.

A question for my readers here who know more about this period than I do, should the trumpeters of the Guard cavalry be in the Green livery for Waterloo or the light blue coats? Every image I found showed them as painted below but a French chap on FB said they should be wearing green? I hope I'm right but can correct if required and the customer wishes.

As I wanted the black horses of the Grenadiers to pop a little, I tried something a bit different to my usual black with black grey highlights and used Vallejo Glossy Black highlights instead which once matt varnished still retained a nice realistic sheen, one to note! The blue coats do look slightly bright in these shots.

Having recently discovered that the old Chariot Miniatures 15mm range fit very well with the epics I am taking the plunge and painting additional command strips for my infantry bases. The lack of flags had been bothering me, especially for DBN, so this is the prefect solution. Plan is to paint just the front command strips then use existing flagless bases to create the rear ranks. They do look much better this way. I think that Magister Militum - who own the Chariot range - will be selling quite a number of the command packs judging by the number of people using smaller units and looking for a solution.

On a slightly different theme I came across these lovely old photos the other day of my Dad during National Service (on the right)  and family. I think this would have been around late 1940's as he is now a sprightly 93 year old, still driving to the shops and going out for walks! The other photo shows Dad (left, middle) and family members on a day out clearly. Kneeling in front of him is his elder Brother Alfred a veteran of the Normandy Landings, Uncle Alf never once mentioned this to me, as I only learned recently from a cousin he never talked about his experiences of that event. That's my lovely old Nan at the wheel with my Grandfather beside her, he died two years before I was born but I recorded his war service in The Buffs in a post here in 2018 (here).

Friday, 16 September 2022

Another busy week gone by!

Monday/Tuesday saw me painting a unit of 20mm French Dragoons for Tony, mounted and on foot. Really enjoyed doing these, the brief was for the troopers coats to be a duller red than usual with the officers resplendent in scarlet. We settled on Vallejo 'Red' (!) as being the most suitable from my range. The officers are the usual Irregular Miniatures command figures but Tony gave them stocking caps to match the troopers by adding plastic Strelets hats to them, a rather neat little conversion that works very well. Horses are the correct smaller mounts for Dragoons (see illustration). 

Wednesday/Thursday I painted another 80 figure Epic British Napoleonic battalion. This and the previous one will be shipping off to the US on Tuesday. I'm having a three day break to do some painting for myself - more Epics - and then on Monday I'll be starting on the Epic Guard cavalry regiments, 20 figure units of all the Guard cavalry releases plus the Guard Horse artillery battery of 3 guns and crews, these are for my new customer - another Tony - and I'm very much looking forward to painting these. I'll review and post images of these as things progress but if you have not already seen these lovely little figures Stuart Mack of Miniature Realms has put up a detailed review on his channel.

160 Epic British, you begin to see the attraction of the large battalions. (Just need to blow off some of the static grass!).

I had been looking for a solution to the additional command bases that will be required for the Epic commission when we get onto the infantry as Tony requested 40 figure battalions on half sized bases (30 x 20mm). After  a few questions on the Epic FB group the old Chariot Miniatures range was suggested as being suitable so I ordered a couple of sample packs and I'm pleased to say that they are a pretty good fit (see images) they are slender sculpts and about the right height, I'll be painting a test 10 figure base later today to see how they will look. 

   Below: Stuarts review of the new Epic Guard cavalry figures, made in the warlord resin Silocast.

Thursday, 8 September 2022

An Epic commission & some Battlescale 10mm buildings.

It looks like these are going to come in very handy!

Can't beat a good Osprey!

Last week I asked Stuart Mack commission painter extraordinaire, (Miniature Realms), and admin of the Facebook Warlord Epic Napoleonic group if I was OK to post a link to my painting service which he happily agreed to. As a direct result of this I now have an exciting new commission to paint the entire Prussian army starter package, the Old and Middle Guard sets, the Highland Brigade and the entire French Guard cavalry set plus the Guard Horse Artillery. This will certainly keep me busy over the coming months and will fit nicely around my ongoing commission work for John, Graham and Tony, it is just what I had hoped for. Stuarts YouTube channel is well worth checking out for painting tutorials and Vlog projects including Epic Napoleonic/ACW, Bolt Action, Flames of War and much more. The quality of his work is stunning and the fact that he is fully booked up until June 2023 speaks volumes.

In other news

I'm painting more WSS Garde du Corps this week for John to finish off the 4 companies, 44 cavalry plus 4 mounted commanders. I have some more WSS French Dragoons to paint for Tony next week.

On Friday morning I'm planning a solo game of DBN, just the 12 points per side in order to improve my knowledge of the rules so I decided to produce a couple more villages (Non Linear Fortifications in DBN terms), using some lovely Battlescale 10mm buildings. The bases are designed to hold a single base when occupied. You see them below with one village occupied by my latest paint job, a base of Nassau infantry, a simple paint conversion from the French infantry sprue and I might add another in due course.

Edited to add latest photos for John, 2 more companies of Garde du Corps just finished. Strelets plastic figures on metal horses.

Friday, 2 September 2022

Commission catch up and Epic Foot Guards!

I got a little over enthusiastic about the Epics for a couple of posts there and neglected to mention commission work! I'm still painting epics for myself but at a much slower rate now. Still, I managed to add the Foot Guards this week, 3 bases representing the Brigade which I don't think looks too bad with 60 figures. I also gave the Carabiniers a repaint on the coats as the body of evidence does indeed now seem to point toward the white coats being worn at Waterloo. I'm looking into how best to represent some Nassau infantry next. 

Commission work.

I forgot to show the dismounted dragoons and villagers I sent to Graham earlier, but this week I have started on the latest box from John, 4 companies of Garde du Corps of the WSS using Strelets plastic figures on replacement metal horses which certainly helps to provide a better fit. First two companies are painted along with 4 mounted generals, one for each of the companies. Each company has a different saddle cloth and holster colour and individual holster designs but wear the same basic blue coat with red cuffs and breeches. Will be 48 mounted figures in all plus there are some other bits in the box! I also have 2mm Napoleonics on the go for Geoff.