Monday, 10 August 2020

Same game, played using C&C Ramekin.

Can't say I'm enjoying this hot weather, at least back in Spain we had full air conditioning and a pool to cool down in, but no regrets whatsoever coming back home. My wife is in demand to stay over with our daughters, she has to take it in turns between the three of them and I don't mind as I get the house to myself and the chance to get a game on the table.

This afternoon  decided to set up the same game as previously, this time on the C&C mat. As you can see it's about as close as I could get on the hex grid but the armies are the same as before. Having given it some thought I decided to play using the Ramekin activation chit system, slightly simplified to three chits each side plus additional 1 to 3 chits diced for at start of each bound. It really  does free the game up playing without cards,and you always have at least 3 units to order each turn. I'm aware that certain bonus dice and special attack cards are missed out upon, but I'd say that sacrifice is more than made up for in the freedom to order the units that you want/need to each turn which really helps the action flow.

British rolled higher to move first and this time round I decided to push hard on the left with the light infantry, rifles, light dragoons and horse artillery allowing the Spanish on the right to sit back in a defensive position behind the river (I gave them an additional crossing point but they were not budging!). The rifles (95th & 60th) although only three 'blocks' each can fire up to 3 hexes, and I quickly pushed them forward to occupy the village with the light infantry (5 blocks each) on their left. The French came on in the same old style, and while the attack columns do not look so convincing on the hex grid the mass impact of line infantry with light infantry to the front still looked powerful. A regiment of cuirassiers took a bit of a peppering from the rifles in the village so I had to move them slightly to their left where they were out of range. A retreat flag was rolled against them and they were not at that point fully supported, but luckily cuirassiers (and carabiniers) can ignore 1 flag.

The French light infantry screen sat back out of range of the Spanish across the river waiting for the line troops behind them to come up, but as the British pressed on right flank that attack stalled as the French batteries were brought into action against the advancing British light infantry. One brave French battalion went in and assaulted the 60th rifles in the village and after two turns of combat finally routed them and took ground to occupy one half of the village, the other still occupied by the 95th. First blood (1 VP) to the French.

At this stage the Spanish commander is still scratching his head waiting for the opportunity to open fire when the advancing infantry move into range, at which point things could get quite bloody.

Ultimately aggressive French tactics won the day 6 to 2 VP's, much lead was wasted on the French guns to little effect and they continued to pummel the British Lights routing both units. At one point I switched target to a French infantry unit and rolled 3 artillery symbols which would have knocked out one of the guns in a single volley! The 95th rifles were finally dislodged from the village and destroyed by musketry as they attempted to fall back. To give the Spanish some credit they did some damage to the advancing French masses but with the loss of the Dragoons to charging French lancers it was game over.

I must say that I really enjoyed myself for a couple of hours, I'm so much more comfortable playing on a grid, and the game flowed along at pace. Against a live opponent and only having to play one side would clearly make the experience even more enjoyable and challenging, but meantime at least I get to push my soldiers a round a bit. I won't go into which I prefer of DBN or C&CN as I like both, but there is no doubt that where a hex defines the ground a unit occupies and movement and ranges are so apparent I am leaning back toward C&C once again. 

Final image shows the newly added AB line lancers doing a lap of honour post game. These are one piece castings presumable to allow for the casting of the various positions of the lances, really nice figures.

Friday, 7 August 2020

It's a DBN kind of day!

While this blog is mostly about the soldiers that I collect and paint I do still like to get them on the table now and then for a solo battle and today is one of those days. It's roasting hot outside and I'm in on my own for a few hours so a quick set up for DBN Peninsular War, about 16 elements per side, French v Anglo Spanish. Of course the trusty folding card table is in use, just 750 x 750 mm. I know that I have achieved exactly the look that I wanted, kind of Old School club night (SELWG on a Friday night back in the late Seventies!). It only took me about 40 years to discover that I can get as much if not more pleasure from a small space game as from a vast table with thousands of figures. Time to crack on with it.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Four months on, the Napoleonic box of magic!

Going to require another storage unit as things progress with the Prussians coming next and then onto Waterloo, will also need to think about magnetising the bases to stop them all sliding about. Close to 500 figures painted now, the freedom to paint small numbers of figures per unit for DBN is something I really enjoy. Had a few of my favourite bits out for some photos this morning.

Monday, 3 August 2020

More 18mm AB figures and starting some 20mm WSS for John.

Last week I finally decided to take the plunge and to replace all my Blue Moon cavalry with AB's. I say replace but I will be keeping the BM's that I have and doubling them up with the AB's. The main reason was the fact that the AB's are slightly larger than BM's and while it is not very noticeable with the infantry, the cavalry are not a good match, the AB's being more finely detailed in the head gear and slightly chunkier. To this end I have on order just under 100 cavalry  from Eureka and investment partially covered by selling off 100 unpainted Blue Moon cavalry on ebay. To be honest at the moment I simply cannot resist the wonderful Anthony Barton sculpts and I plan to be painting them for some considerable time to come.

So this weeks output has been British Life Guards, Vistula lancers, Carabiniers, Old Guard Grenadiers and a battery of Guard foot artillery. Some of these are tip in the future direction towards to 100 Days campaign, although the Prussians are next on the list to do. I currently have for the Prussians the following:

4 bases of Musketeers
4 bases of landwehr
2 bases of jagers
1 base of Cuirassiers
2 bases of dragoons
2 bases of Landwehr light cavalry
2 batteries artillery
Command & Staff

All of course AB's and based for DBN / C&CN.

I have the French Guard planned too, and in addition to the Grenadiers and artillery above I have :

4 bases of Young Guard
Polish & Dutch lancers
Empress Dragoons
more artillery.

It's quite good to have a large stock of figures laid in for the months ahead, it's not something |I generally do, more tending to buy a few units at a time as I paint, but as I have little intention of painting anything else for myself going forward I'm happy. A base of Spanish Dragoons are currently on the desk.

I'm also doing some painting for Old John, who has been very patient while I have spent three months obsessively building up my 18mm Napoleonics. On the desk are some lancer Miniatures 20mm cavalry to begin with.

Monday, 27 July 2020

40mm Spanish infantry completed.

After several months lay off I have finished the last 10 figures of the 40mm Spanish infantry battalion. These are Perry Miniatures.The flag is not correct for the unit but it is very colourful, it is one of the flags created by Tony (Foy) for his 20mm army, simply resized.

I doubt that I will go any further with the 40mm's, I list the collection total below. I just have two more guns painted ready for when I can get the RHA crews, which I think now will need to be resin printed.

Just the bases to finish off now.

British/French/Spanish Napoleonics 40mm scale.
16 infantry battalions @ 24 figures.
7 skirmisher/ light infantry/riflemen units @12 figures.
7 field guns, each with 5 crew.
9 cavalry units @ 8 figures
Mounted command figures 10 figures
Odd foot figures 10.
4 Oxen pulling huge siege gun with Spanish guerrillas.

513 foot figures.
82 Mounted figures.
8 guns.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Hinchliffe promotional film 1975.

This popped up on my Facebook feed this morning, but as I know that not everyone follows FB I thought I would share this lovely bit of film here for a few days. It was long thought lost in the mists of time but has now been re discovered and digitalised. One thing that struck me was the number of figure sculptors listed which may go some way to explain the variation in size within some ranges, for example the Napoleonic and Roman ranges.if you have not already seen it, enjoy!

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Polish Lancers - that's about it!

Ten days from starting these and the satin varnish is on and they are looking nice and shiny. I have since noticed that the horses eyes could do with a touch of black (being careful not to make them look like human eyes!), so they will get that. Unfortunately the basing will have to wait until Tony Barr's laser cutter (East Riding Miniatures), is repaired so it may be a week or so but no problem. The reins were a bugger to fit from the same black card that I used for the cuirassiers last year, not perfect but overall I'm happy, it's quite stiff card so has a habit of springing off before the super glue can secure them.

They can be put aside now until the bases arrive. I have ten Perry Miniatures Spanish infantry to paint to complete a battalion and that's all the 40mm stuff done, I doubt that I will add any more to this collection save for the RHA guns when the crews are ready.

40mm Polish Lancers by Sash & Sabre, painted over the course of 10 days.