Thursday, 14 February 2019

40mm Chasseur a Cheval competed.

OK, so I'll start this post by admitting that I have gone and done it again, I have sold the 18mm Blue Moon Napoleonics and they are now winging their way from the Costa Blanca to Scotland. The new owner will use them for actual wargames, and I can now re focus on the 40mm collection. Just to fill in a bit more of the story, when Rob became the new custodian on my large Hinchliffe ECW collection before we moved to Spain last year I reinvested some of the spoils into a lot of the Blue Moon figures. They languished in the box untouched until before Christmas when I started knocking them out at quite a rate, I enjoyed painting them, that's what I do these days, but once again the prospect of actually using them became a bit of a headache, causing me to ramble on about grids and rules etc. I'm happy that they will now be used, time to move on once again. Iain, you were right my friend!

I immediately returned to painting the four 40mm Chasseur figures that had been sitting in  drawer for quite some time with just the black undercoat. You see below some progress shots and the finished squadron of eight including an officer and trumpeter in reverse colours. I spent a fair bit of time on the horses. gradually building them up to the highlight and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. With these done I set to bringing the basing of all the British so far to a consistent look with more static grass and a buff dry brush on the stones. Took a few pics of course, the French are next up so that the basing right across the collection is consistent. More will follow.

Who knows whats next! I really fancy painting something different.

Figures by Sash & Saber (USA) available in the UK from Andy at Old Glory.


Unit at rear awaiting colours, I might try to hand paint them.

A quick shot to demonstrate the packing method to the BM's new owner on the journey back to the UK. Lots of business card boxes, a perfect tight fit for 6 x 30mm square bases. Strong outer carton.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

...And now for the British!

95th rifles .......of course!

Battalions of foot.

Light infantry from the rear.

Monday, 4 February 2019

The French are based, onto the British!

I have completed the basing of the French army and must say I'm very pleased with the results, the ugly washers are gone (seemed like a good idea to begin with), buried under filler, stones and static grass. For the record and future reference, the basing method consisted of the following:

50/50 mix of powdered filler and PVA glue in medium sized plastic container.
Two tablespoons of earth shade pigment. Apply to bases by medium brush, fairly thickly.
Once dry, cat litter (ground to fine stone, size to taste), is added in patches and left to dry.
Shake off any loose stones, apply PVA and drop static grass, give it a quick tap, leave for a minute or so (while applying glue to the next base) then turn the base over and tap off any excess.
A watery wash of Burnt Umber is then applied to the stone areas and once dry drybrush with Buff.

I wanted a quite light finish to my bases as I feel it helps the figures to 'pop' a little more, I wanted some of the filler mix to be left showing. The cavalry bases did need a fair bit of building up due to the large bases and the washers, but they turned out well once finished. The units are all of three 30mm bases for a common frontage of 90mm which will require a 100m grid, be it square of hex. The guns are on large frontage bases of 45mm and I'll probably go with two bases per battery on a 90mm frontage once I get more guns. So the French army to date consists of the following in Commands & Colors terms:

3 x mounted generals.

8 x line infantry (12 figures per unit)
1 x Grenadier battalion
2 x light infantry units

2 x lancer light cavalry. (6 per unit)
1 x Chassuer light cavalry
1 x Hussars light cavalry

3 x Dragoons heavy cavalry
1 x Horse Grenadiers (Guard heavy cavalry).

3 guns and crews.

A grand total to date of 195 figures.

British heavy dragoons. Blue Moon 18mm figures as are all the figures.

The Frenchies!

Thursday, 31 January 2019

First bases and my old dice box.

I have now made a start on texturing the bases, having  thought long and hard about just how I wanted them to look. The washers were ugly if functional, and detracted from the painting so they had to be covered up. I have gone back to basics here (Old School?) and cut all the bases by hand from 2mm card which was then sealed with PVA before sticking the figures down. A 50/50 mix of powdered filler and PVA was then mixed and colour added from here (click). The result was a light tone that reflected the Spanish earth shade of this region (Valencia). I then applied by brush (not too watery so it does not dry flat), and once dry added a few fine stones from cat litter ground down in my wife's pestle and mortar which made sure I thoroughly cleaned afterwards! This morning I applied static grass sparingly and the result is as you see below. I'm still pondering if I should slightly tone the stones down with sepia ink, but for now I'm not sure. I had in mind when doing this the basing style of Bill Brewer of the Rye Stamp and Hobby Shop, who had on display some of the first 15mm figures I saw with fully textured bases. I was a regular visitor there in my lunch breaks when I worked for IPC Magazines in Southwark and would cycle over to Peckham Rye to buy my Minifigs. he was always painting or basing when not serving, and I enjoyed watching him work.

I'm starting on the French cavalry, which now comprise 48 figures in 8 x 6 figure units, 3 dragoons, 2 lancers, 1 Hussars, 1 Chasseur and 1 Horse Grenadiers, the latter to represent the C&C 'Guard Cavalry' type.

I don't intend to remove casualties, but rather mark them using 6mm micro dice (see below), these are quite non intrusive when placed behind a unit only when a unit takes it's first hit.

On the subject of dice, I thought I would share a couple of pics of my old dice box, 30 years old now and given to me a present by my sister in law for my birthday. The brass plate in inscribed 'Lee's HQ' with my date of birth 19 January 1958, and it holds my collection of dice.

Light Dragoons, 2 x 6 figure units.

Royal Horse Artillery.

A battalion of Guards.

A battalion of foot, possibly the Buffs!

The bases are slightly darker than they appear here.

6mm micro dice - unit reduced to 3 'blocks'.

30 odd years old, dice box.