Sunday, 5 October 2014

Painting progress.

Had a good weeks painting this week, got a lot done and I'm pleased with all of it. Firstly I got to finish off this 55 figure English Civil War unit, the third I have done so far for Graham. The deep red works well with the green lining showing at the cuffs. 16 pikemen flanked by two blocks each of 16 musketeers plus 7 command figures. 20mm SHQ Miniatures, very nice figures to paint although I had to drill out all the pike hands otherwise the pikes won't fit through. I'm pleased with these.

Next up are these 20mm plastic Crimean Generals for Mr. Kinch. I think they are by Strelets and are fine little sculpts. Once undercoated black you can see some real character. I'll enjoy painting these.
To follow are more Early Spanish infantry for Tony then back to Old John!

Now, as I always have to be doing something 'for myself' on the side (even though it will probably end up on ebay a few months on!), I decided to have another go at 6mm, just to see what I could still do with them. I ordered an AWI British Army pack from Baccus and  is the first weeks output is shown below, 2 line battalions, a Grenadier battalion and light infantry. A most enjoyable experience again. I'll just paint these as and when I feel like it, in between the other work.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Moving on.

The great 28mm AWI distraction is now sold off and it's time to refocus once again. I never have regrets when I sell off figures as I know they will actually be used as intended, for playing wargames. I get my gaming pleasure from Commands & Colors Napoleonics (see below), something about those neat wooden blocks just works for me and the scenarios never fail to give me enjoyment.

So what next? Well, the main focus will be on commission work for a while now as I try to catch up, but I will also paint up the odd Fife & Drum figures, if only for display. I do have another small project in mind, much less time consuming than 28mm figures, but more of this in due course once something is painted.

I took a few snaps of the few F&D's already painted. I rebased them and they look much better. The detail is so crisp on these castings, and they lack the annoying casting worms left on the Perry figures. You can see how anatomically correct they are, tall and slim with long muskets and strong bayonets.

Borodino scenario.
I'm currently playing through the Borodino Village scenario from the C&C Russian expansion.


A strong early attack against the Russian Guard Jaeger defending the Borodino hexes has driven them out as French line infantry storm in. The attack was supported by close range artillery fire. Eugene's Corps conducts a general attack against the Russian centre whilst watching the Russian Cavalry under Uvarov who begin to advance against the weak French left flank.

The French are hampered by lack of centre cards now while the Russian hand is strong. Seeing the Russians reform for a counter attack Eugene has no choice but to throw his heavy cavalry forward to pin Russian infantry in square and reduce the command hand by two cards. It's classic C&C game play, both sides having to pull back reduced units from range while trying to feed forward fresh troops, frustrating for the French who still have no centre cards to play. At this stage its all to play for, one good card could turn the game either way now.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

eBay sale of AWI's - link and more pics.

Further to my post yesterday the figures are now for sale on eBay, the link is:

eBay sale of Perry AWI figures.

I have pulled together some of my previous photos here as they are probably better quality shots than those listed!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

ebay sale - Perry 28mm AWI's!

Well, I don't really understand myself exactly what drove me to paint all of these figures but something certainly did! I certainly enjoyed doing them. Time to call it a day now and get them sold on ebay, so they will be going on this evening to finish Saturday night. 170 figures, plastics and metals (around £150.00 of figures/guns etc here!).

Much as I might try I'm really not a figure gamer any longer, my gaming pleasure comes from Commands & Colors Napoleonics as I continue to play through the scenarios. I'll be setting up Borodino (Village scenario) this afternoon on the board.

Anyway, here are some of the pics just taken, I'll be uploading the best of them to eBay later today.

In the meantime if anyone is interesting in this fine collection, which is ideal for small actions such as Musket & Tomohawk rules (see link to AWI game played under these rules here), please contact me via email to discuss.

Now back on track with commercial work, of which more in due course.

American forces.