Monday, 4 April 2022

Painting 6mm Crimean War British infantry by Irregular Miniatures.

I usually post my 6mm videos on YouTube for the Facebook 6mm group pages but thought it might be a good idea to post this painting tutorial here as it's done in 4 parts and can be supported by a few still images showing the drybrush stage and the end result. After the Russian tutorial I made a little while back I had a few requests for this one so I hope that it does help to illustrate my method which has changed quite a bit recently as I have worked on this collection which is now approaching 2000 painted figures. Speed is of the essence and the British battalions of 36 figures come in around the 1hour mark.

Firstly the short introduction. Part 1.

Part 2 - the drybrush stage and scarlet highlights.

Part 3. painting in more detail.

Part 4 - the final touches.

The below images show the figures with initial drybrush shades applied and then with the complete battalion based along with a second unit ready for texturing.


  1. I’m frankly agog. By comparison I’ve painted three 10mm figures in two hours. They should look nice…when they’re finished. Lol. I reckon you have painting elves helping you out at night while you’re asleep.

    1. It's just lots of practice JBM, and I have had LOTS :) I know before I start the colours I'm going to use and the order of application etc. Speed and timings are also important when commission painting, for example today I have 36 x 10mm Fantasy halberdiers ready to go, undercoated black and lightly dry brushed mid grey and I would expect them to take me around 3 hours to paint based on the test paints I quoted on. Of course they are in 6 figure strips which helps but I know I can achieve good results. Might be interesting to do a quick post today, timing as I go along, just photos at various stages.

  2. Short and clear, 2 minutes per part, much better than the average wargame blog. However, avoid to publish a filmed podcast. Try to use more the strength of the medium, tell the story more with slides, step by step pictures, to capture viewers, not listeners.


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