Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Warlord Wittmann Tiger in resin and metal.

I mentioned previously that I had ordered the first resin and metal tank model for Bolt Action as an alternative to plastic kits. The model arrived yesterday and I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of the resin, it is clear that much care has been taken in the casting and inspection as I can't see a single imperfection! A dry fit of the track and wheels tells me this will go together nicely, and with just a few metal parts to glue on such as the huge 88mm gun, commanders hatch and spare track etc it will be put together in no time. This is the way forward for me as I expand into 'Tank War' as I'm somewhat peed off with plastic kits now, I still have three plastic tanks half built, so once completed all will be resin and metal.

I have a small game in progress on the unfinished terrain, but I can probably now field two full 2.000 point armies. I have ordered the German and US army list books and have the artillery to finish off my armies, although I have no interest in playing tournaments.

I read through 'Tank War' over the weekend, nothing startling really but the example lists are interesting comprising mostly tank models and anti tank guns/artillery. If I am completely honest with myself I am missing the 'Flames of War' shooting rules and especially the firepower checks that add real excitement to a game and models armoured combat very well. Occurred to me though that there is nothing to stop me playing FoW tank battles in 28mm if I wish to, an expensive idea, but workable possibly on a larger table?  That's for later.

Some pics of the Tiger and general BA progress.

You get two Wittmann figures, I'll use the turret figure and place the sitting figure, (in authentic Wittmann propaganda pose), when on the display shelf.

Sharp detail and no sticking together!

Metal Sherman crew complete with rear standing machine gunner, should be a nice addition to my tanks.

Coming along, building up the cammo pattern. These are the third member of an MG42 MMG team with spare barrel and ammo, a radio operator for my HQ team and that fine figure of a German commander, all unfinished.

The' zimmerit' anti magnetic coating is well detailed and should paint up well.

The hugely powerful 88mm anti tank gun.

Waiting in line,105mm US howitzer will be handy for shooting over those tall hedges!

Plastic models on the production line.

A small late war German force of 2 infantry squads, MMG and anti tank teams, half track bristling with MG's and the HQ team. MG's are the key to pinning in an infantry based game, putting down heavy fire. German MG teams also get 1 extra dice/shot to represent the very high rate of fire of the MG42 and the level of training, so a German MMG team gets no less than 5 shots per turn! Even though you can only put a single pin regardless of hits, this of course improves your chance of scoring a hit from a burst of MG fire.

Edited to add a few pics of the US army with Sherman added metal figures.

Sherman #1 with infantry gunner added. Shermans 2 & 3 just need tracks painted and decals etc.

The small US force currently ready for battle includes two regular infantry squads with MG and mortar teams, the recce jeep (spotters for indirect fire), the 'regular' Sherman in  infantry support mode, and command figures 'HQ' . 

Managed to lose one half of the Shermans hatch while drilling out the old plastic command figure, been on my hands and knees but can't find it ( although I did find all three parts of the drilled out figure!). I will fashion a replacement from plasticard if it does not turn up.

I'm looking into weathering products now as I want to give them that battle hardened dirty look.


  1. I couldnt agree more on the resin v plastic debate. I really begrudge having to put those things together and try to stick to die casts and stuff of ebay these days.

    You know, a man with a garden could play some pretty big Flames of War tank games - if he was so inclined.

  2. Great looking troops, I like the look of the German officer, he looks a little like Col Von Strohm from allo allo!

    1. Cheers Ray, he does a bit! He's a real character of a figure.

  3. Weird, my plastic Warlord T34/85 was a breeze to put together.

    Love the new painted pieces. Like Ray, I really like the Officer.

    1. Thanks Dai,

      The Sherman kits and the StuG kits were also quite straightforward, does the T34 have 2 piece tracks or 4? I now see why there are so many tiny bits on the Panzer III sprue, to account for all of the variants, but the tracks were a 'challenge' to put together.

    2. Hrm... I put that together around November I think, so a bit ago. Think 2-piece? Glued my fingers together getting them sorted but only the once!

    3. The two piece tracks are easier to put together, the four part tracks a nightmare :)


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