Friday, 29 January 2016

PLUTO bungalows Greatstone, fuel for the Allied invasion of France 1944.

Bolt Action
 continues apace, and in time I will add Russians. My Germans will expand to take in both 'Normandy 1944' and the 'Last Levy 1945' lists, the latter incorporating Volkssturm & Hitler Youth squads. Both lists allow me to take a StuG or Tiger I, with the latter having severe fuel supply issues if used in 1945, as was indeed the case, requiring a dice throw after each movement turn to check fuel supply.

On the subject of tanks I now have all seven plastic tanks assembled, and the resin Tiger on the workbench. Following these I'll focus on infantry squads as I'll need at least four per side to complete the lists, plus artillery.

As you also see I'm also building new 28mm scale MDF buildings to replace the 15mm versions, starting with a damaged pair of shops, it's bloody HUGE, but will look so much better with my model tanks etc. I was reluctant to do this, but know it will be worth the effort in the long run.

PLUTO bungalows, Greatstone Beach.
On the subject of wartime fuel supplies I happened to pass these yesterday, a few miles down the coast, and was telling my wife the history of the wartime Pipeline Under The Ocean that supplied the fuel to support the D Day landings, and how these bungalows were built as 'dummies' to house the pumping stations and crews. There is also a single concrete section of Mulberry harbour visible off Greatstone that broke free and sank before it could be towed across the channel.

PLUTO bungalows, 1944 and today.

Two of the five PLUTO bungalows,
The bungalows 1944.

A 'Conundrum' on Greatstone beach 1944,each could carry 30 nautical miles of steel pipe, giving a combined 60 miles of pipe, capable of pumping a million gallons of fuel per day to France.

Fuel tanks.

PLUTO bungalows today.


  1. Fascinating.. just like the government not to waste a bungalow unless it absolutely has to... and I wonder what their life expectancy was when they were first built? Very interesting, thanks for that... PS. We also have a bit of broken Mulberry in my local harbour - Langstone...

  2. I should have added Steve that the five bungalows were purpose built to disguise the PLUTO project, they blended with the few 20's and 30's buildings there at the time and were essentially empty shells. They are now of course private houses and a couple have added a second floor.

    1. The 3 identical bungalows in Leonard Road Greatstone were built as holiday homes in 1936 and later converted to PLUTO pump houses. They were converted back after the war but still have the bomb-proof inner walls and roofs.

  3. Fantastic bit of history there and stuff I hadn't known before, so thanks for posting that.

    The shop looks great - who's the manufacturer?

  4. Hello Dai,

    I'm not sure of the manufacturer but I'll find out as I'll need a couple more, I'll let you know.

    Glad you enjoyed the PLUTO story, a million gallons of fuel per day pumped across the channel in support of the D Day landings was an incredible achievement.


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