Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Panzer progress.

Well, I finally managed to get the four part tracks together on the Panzer III plastic model, I'm not totally happy with the fit but can't give it any more time! Once painted all will be well I'm sure, and weathering compounds will further disguise any tiny gaps. I still need to complete the turret then the mass of microscopic detail bits that this kit has will need to be stuck on.  I have also built the second StuG kit, much easier to put together and with the small detail moulded on and the simple four part tracks it was a breeze compared to the Panzer III. That will see the end of my plastic tank kits and I think 'phase 1' of Bolt Action will be about complete. I'm guessing up to 2000 points per side comprising the following:

German late war.
  • 4 squads of infantry, each of 10 men.
  • 'Team' bases of MG42 (MMG), sniper and Panzerscreck
  • 2 StuG Ausf G assault guns.
  • 1 Panzer III medium tank.
  • 1 command half track.
  • 1 light howitzer artillery piece.(unpainted).
  • Command, observer/spotter teams and medic team.
US late war.
  • 3 squads of infantry , each of 10 men.
  • 1 squad of veteran US airborne, 10 men
  • 'Team' bases of Bazooka (x2) 30cal MG 
  • 3 x Sherman M4's 75mm medium anti tank gun.
  • 1 x light artillery howitzer (unpainted).
  • Rece jeep with 30cal mg.
  • Command, observation, spotter and medic teams.

Quite enough to be going on with, although I will in due course tailor my forces towards specific BA lists. I'm now also experimenting with simple movement trays that each hold 5 men in order to reduce handling somewhat, especially in early stages.

Bocage is ready to be fixed and sprayed finally, but I'm having a break from it for a few days.

The Panzer III ...... making progress.

Simple movement trays for a 10 man squad.

The dreaded bocage, now ready for gunging and then spraying.


  1. Bloody heck mate, you've had a busy 2016 so far!

  2. I'll be glad once the terrain is finished and I can get back to painting some figures again!

    Cheers Dai.


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