Sunday 16 June 2024

Cornfields (again) and Kallistra cavalry!

Oh no, not more cornfield shots I hear you cry! Just a couple of better close ups - it really is a great product - with units of the Iron Brigade lurking within. The feedback on these little plastic cornstalks has been incredible on both the YouTube video and Facebook ACW group posts. 

I mentioned that I really was not keen on the Warlord plastic Epic cavalry and so have replaced them with Kallistra 12mm figures which are a very good match aside from the slightly small horses. Three bases of each side and as the later variant rules allow them to dismount and fight on foot with carbines I made up dismounted bases and this time included a couple of horses and a holder rather than do separate marker bases. The Rebs are Virginians and the Union Michigan boys, the 'R' on the rear denotes that they are armed with repeating carbines so will get an additional dice when firing. I really like these little figures.

The great man himself alongside 'Stonewall' Jackson.

Come on you Wolverines!

J.E.B Stuarts Boys

An unexpected email!

Having waited 4 weeks for a dispatch confirmation from Battle Honours 3D - I had placed a small test order for some of their Iron Brigade prints to 13.5mm scale - I cancelled my order and requested a refund a week ago which was promptly handled. I made it clear that I would have much rather have had the figures and was hoping to give them a good review once painted. In the meantime I had finished my conversions plus the addition of the two metal bases given as a gift. So I was surprised yesterday to get a Royal Mail notification that my package from Battle Honours 3D is due to be delivered tomorrow! I will see what arrives in the morning and go from there but I would love to be able to give them a good review as the files just look so amazing and I would look to add more. They do look rather pristine for Iron Brigade but would make great early war units for Bull Run etc, suitable for both sides. 

Command Cards.

I have printed and plastic sleeved the 'printer friendly' cards for Battle Cry (thanks to Tony/ 'Foy' for the link to the sleeves). I can now play the game but would love an original set as the design is really nice and colourful. The game is incredibly expensive on eBay now so I'm looking at alternatives such as designing my own from scratch. 


  1. You really are a veritable machine Lee, producing top quality painted figures at a right old rate of knots 👏👏
    Well done. Will these fellas be making it onto the battlefield any time soon?

    1. Thanks Geoff. This project is done , I just need to find some enthusiasm to play the game now :)

  2. First class cornfields (perfect for hiding troops, love this picture!) and minis...

    1. Cheers Phil, I'm rather pleased with them myself :)


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