Friday, 2 June 2023

A Gallic gathering!

Not felt much like updating the blog recently but I have been painting more 3mm Celt's and must say I'm quite pleased with the mass effect. These will form the basis of several DBA armies, starting with a Gallic force comprising 8 elements of warband, 3 light chariot (inc1 General) and 1 skirmish element. As I had a pack of 60 'Celtic Warrior' strips plus others given to me by David Blair I decided to keep painting to build 16 bases. I'm now going to paint up all of the remaining Roman strips which should double up that army at least. These could also be used for The Portable Ancient Wargame and even Strength & Honour (4  elements on a 80mm  x 50mm sabot base looks quite imposing!) so very flexible.

Figures by Magister Militum, 16 bases of 40 figures so 640 Gallic Warriors.


  1. ‘Never have too many Celts’ too true! They look nice and remind me of a 2mm (Irregular Miniatures) project that I did many years ago to do the Trebia Battle.

  2. They look so effective en masse - a real horde to put the willies up the Romans.

  3. I suspect the disciplined legions of Roman will still be able to give ‘em a right old “kick in the Gauls”… 🤣😂


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