Friday, 7 October 2022

And back in the present!

Just finished another weeks commission painting, a batch of 15mm Peter Pig ECW's for Graham and a first test paint of epic Prussian line infantry for Tony2. 

As usual the Pigs are a pleasure to paint and these may well be the last of the Edgehill project figures I think and next up will the Scots, something I am also looking forward to. Some of the mounted generals here are matchlock (I think?) slightly chunkier than the Pigs but a nice addition of various commanders.

All of the Prussian infantry are required to be on half width bases, strips cut down, so 10 figures per base, 40 to a battalion. It's a simple job and they break fairly cleanly. Of course this presents an issue with lack of command figures from the epic strips so I'm hoping the Chariot Prussian metal figures will fit as well as the British and French do, you can only really tell once painted.  

For myself I continue to add metal command to my 20 figure epic infantry battalions, latest this week are the British Guards (3 regiments now with colours) and the Highlanders as you see below. I'm really pleased with how well this is working out and the sight of the entire brigade of 60 figures is very pleasing on the eye. The bases are 60mm x 25mm. 

Weekend now so I'll be painting just another 6 figure heavy cavalry base for myself, the Life Guards, and also prepping up another 5 Prussian infantry battalions for next week.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Those command figures blend in really well Lee. Why don’t Warlord produce them I wonder?

    1. Not a bad fit at all are they JBM. I think warlord are missing a trick as so many using epics for other rule sets with smaller units. You get just the one command strip per sprue, 100 figures! Since I mentioned Chariot on the FB Epic group page loads of orders are going in for their command packs :)

  2. Some crackin painting there Lee!

  3. Epic Highlanders look amazing. I found the Prussians 'interesting' to paint as they are black plastic and my brush on primer is black!

    1. Thanks Norm. Yes, I thought the Prussians were made in dark blue plastic until I saw them close up. I also hand brush primers and varnishes. I have a test base with metal command, just officer and standard bearer for Prussians and I have a feeling they are slightly chunkier than the French/British Chariot metals, certainly the officer has a whopping shako on his head! If it does not work I'll probably just use the standard bearer, depends on the customer of course but the initial brief was to just cit down a musket and add a flag so we shall see what works best.

  4. Very nice Lee, as usual. You do have the ability to relentlessly knock out large numbers of well painted/based soldiers. 👏👏


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