Tuesday, 18 December 2012

First Carthaginians.

I'll have to have a bit of a think about where to go with this blog after Christmas, as I begin to paint figures other than Napoleonics - mainly on commission, but also for my ECW blog -  I'd prefer to have just a single blog but with different periods.

Anyway, meantime here are my first efforts at matching the customers Carthaginian heavy infantry sample. He is clearly a superb painter himself, an enjoyable challenge to match the standard, but I'm happy and the customer is happy so all is well. I think there will be 12 or so of these units, they will look impressive on the table for sure! The sample is the rear unit, already based and finished. If you look at the centre unit you see the red is slightly darker, I gave the front unit, painted today, a slight touch of Foundry 'British Red Coat' on the red shields and they look much better, that's a handy shade. I'm going to do the same with the centre unit now.

And with my customers permission, here are also a few shots of the supplied sample units for future units (the units which are based, edge shade denotes unit type), beautiful aren't they?. All credit to Baccus too, the incredible standard of fine detail on these figures is quite amazing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. The figures will be used for Commands and Colours Ancients.


  1. These are 6mm? What a fine job you have done on them. I thought they must be at least 10mm. Lovely work!

  2. Lee - my blog started out as just ancients and sprouted into just about every period under the sun.

    Nice Cartho figures BTW. Really good job.

  3. Wow Lee, those are superb - love the elephants!

  4. Thank you once again chaps, much appreciated :-)



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