Friday, 14 December 2012

Battle postponed ...... more Romans anybody?

Surprise family event at the weekend meant I had to postpone the battle and pack it all away again for Monday, as I do my painting up in the same room, still was a nice weekend.

This week I have been painting the first Roman light infantry units and a couple of units of cavalry for the Rome/Carthage commission, and having dispatched more Wars of the Roses 6mm bowmen and artillery I'm now getting started on the first of three battalions of Napoleonic Spanish Militia. I like the diversity of painting different stuff like this, keeps enthusiasm high.

Anyway, for those who enjoy browsing pics of model soldiers of any period (as I do), here are the next 6 units of Romans. Need to finish off the cavalry bases and I think the light green base edges (denoting light infantry) are too bright, so I'll tone them down a touch. Monday will see the first of Carthaginian units, heavy infantry I think.

All figures are of course by Baccus and based using the Baccus basing kit.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. It's a joy to look at your figs! Wonderful job with these little guys!

  2. Much appreciated David,



  3. Sensational painting Lee. Much as I hate to say it (because of my historical bias) I think they look even better than your Napoleonics, which is saying something given the quality of your painting on those!


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