Monday 7 June 2021

Weekly painting update.

As I'm back spending a fair bit of time at the painting desk I'm going to settle into a weekly update post of output. I find this helps me with motivation.

Since my last 'progress' post 7 days ago I have painted a grand total of 75 foot and 8 mounted figures.

32 ECW Peter Pig 15mm Rebs for Graham C.

27 figure regiment of ECW foot , with purple coats.

A gun and 4 crew ECW.

12 dismounted dragoons.

Another regiment of horse ( 8 figures)

For the week ahead are the 12 Strelets 20mm cavalry for Old John. I will them continue to focus on Johns box (which contains lots of lovely Ottomans) alongside my own ECW units. I'm finding this is a good productive method, working the two together day by day. 

As it's a bright morning here I also thought I'd lay out the ECW figures together for a few photos. At this point I can field two small forces, enough to begin play testing the Forlorn Hope rules that I have been spending time re-acquainting myself with. 

Below: latest regiment of foot, a Purple coated unit (rear).

Below: the Peter Pig ACW's painted this week for Graham C.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Neil, that's much appreciated :)

  2. Nice work on the Johnny Rebs, and of course the Dyers!

    1. Thanks Steve, the PP's are so painter friendly.

  3. Wow, your English Civil War forces are taking shape quickly Lee; and looking marvellous!
    Regards, James

    1. Thank you James, they are coming along :)

  4. Splendid looking troops, love your painting style,I'd be interested to know how the ruleset compares to the George Gush set you used for your last ECW army?
    Best Iain

  5. Thank you Iain. Forlorn Hope differs from the old Gush/WRG rules mainly in that it treats regiments as mixed ratio units of pike and shot as opposed to a unit with sub units of shot that shoot and fight separately. Really speeds up play. I have fought many games with both sets in the past and enjoyed both.


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