Thursday 15 February 2024

HMS Dudley!

 I think it was over a year ago that fellow blogger Mark Dudley (Ilkley Old School link at right) gifted me another Langton Models Napoleonic ship to add to the two I already had. It is an older model from the range, produced I think around 20 years ago and features the white metal sail set rather than the more recent etched brass sails although the metal sails are still available for the larger vessels. I told Mark that once built she would be named HMS Dudley as a thank you.

So here she is, built  and painted just waiting for rigging, the addition of etched brass ratlines (best done after the rigging) and ensigns. A lovely little model and I must say that I fond the metal sail sets far quicker and easier to work with. There is a slight noticeable difference of course in the thickness of the sails but I would be very happy to use these on any future models. You can see the difference in the third photo between the metal and brass sail sets.

I can see myself collecting more of these going forward. Unfortunately in the recent move the big 74 gun was de- masted and lost her topsails so I removed the masts, re drilled the holes and will replace them with another white metal sail set rather than the brass set and will also order another model, possibly one of the named ships and I'm thinking HMS Victory which is a huge model! Victory was of course laid down at Chatham Docks just a few miles from me here in 1759. The bulk of the docks is now a designer shopping outlet but much survives of the original buildings including the superb ropery, well worth a visit.

I'm definitely going to get these fully  rigged in accordance with  the Langton guide book, something that I have done before and enjoyed the challenge. It really makes all the difference as you can see from the little Frigate I built and rigged back in 2013!

Lost in the mists of time, but I still like the photos of her!

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  1. Rigged, they are beautiful and I have lusted over many a model at wargame shows over the years.


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