Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Qualiticast 20mm ACW's.

I thought I would share some pictures of the first of the huge box of 20mm ACW figures I'm currently working on for the collection of 'Old John'. This is the Qualiticast 'Reb HQ' set featuring several Generals (Lee, Stuart, Longstreet etc) together with camp table and chairs/ fire with coffee pot etc. The large tent was a bit of a job to assemble due to its weight, but turned out well I think, with several coats to build up that 'worn canvas' affect. The castings are superb, really crisp and accurate. John tells me that they are now out of production, and that he has been attempting to buy the moulds, so far without success. They deserve to be made available as they are really fine ACW figures.

This was by way of an initial test paint to establish shades etc. The Union HQ set will follow shortly, first I have to paint up a wonderful set of Russian Orthodox Monks with Priest, again full of character and personality.


  1. The Qualiticast 20mm ACW figures are, indeed, very nice!

  2. The near mythical Qualiticast! Lee, you're moving in rarefied circles there.

  3. Rats - i'd LOVE some of those figures in my ACW collection.... never mind, the painting is superb - well done...

  4. There is good-quality rumour that the extant masters and moulds for Qualiticast (if they exist, allegedly, etc - surround this with as many layers of scepticism as you wish...) include a couple of extra ranges which were never released commercially, which does nothing at all to calm down those of us who would like to see these things re-emerge.

    I haven't seen the Qually ACW figures before, and seeing them with your paint job seems just the right way to be introduced. If I didn't already know that I am crazy, I would worry about this sudden urge to think about the ACW all over again!

    Lovely - really good.



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