Saturday, 9 June 2012

Foot Guards and terrain.

Here are the 1st and 3rd battalions of the 1st Foot Guards. They have not yet received their new 'Belgic' shakos as you can see but still look quite resplendent. The distinctive colours were downloaded from 'Warflag' and a bit of extra shading added. I wanted a way to identify 'Elite' units and settled on the addition of a touch of gold paint on the rear of the bases as shown. These represent two quite powerful battalions under Command and Colours rules, both represent 5 blocks and add 1 extra dice in fire and melee combat. They may also ignore 2 'flag' rolls (which would usually force a unit to retreat 1 hex, or 3 in the case of poor quality 'militia). Very steady troops who can be relied on to 'stand' and fight well, just as it should be.

I have also remounted my buildings on new bases made of thin flexible plastic, same as I previously used for my road sections. It worked well I think?  I wanted to round them off rather than be obvious hexes, although they fit nicely into the hex as you can see. I'm very pleased with the result and have decided to adopt this approach for all my terrain now so hills will be rounded off. I had to abandon my attempt to salvage my old road section as river.... better I think to remake it from scratch.

My future commitment to the C&C rules means I have planned more bases for the future. I'm not happy with placing a base on top of those roofs when the village is occupied, so I'm going to make up some small figure bases, British and French that can be placed within the villages to represent an occupying base and replace a standard base, I think it will be worth the extra effort. I'm also going to paint up 4 'square' bases per side, featuring battalion bases at full strength in square with mounted commander in the centre. These will also be worth the duplication and effort I believe, and I think will look good on the table.

For the next week or two the plan is:

  • A base of French Chasseur a Cheval.
  • A base of British Dragoon Guards.
  • A base of Vistula Lancers.
  • 2 bases of Portuguese infantry.

I'm close to having the right troop numbers for the C&C Vimeiro scenario, so that's also a not too distant future plan.


  1. Superb, as ever - I very much like the scenic pieces, too. I realise that Adler are too big to fit with Baccus 6mm figures - how do Baccus compare with the Heroics/Ros castings?

  2. The terrain pieces look terrific, as do the Guards! Have you had any further thoughts about scenic terrain boards in the future?

  3. What size bases are you using (they look about 6x6) , and on what size table? Thebuildings are spiffy, the paths set them off rather well.

  4. Thank you again chaps......

    Tony, Baccus are just slightly slimmer than H&R figures, and I have to say the casting is much crisper, but given how old the H&R range is they do compare quite favourably. A lot of gamers use Adler with Baccus but personally those large heads would put me off!

    Ian, yes I am going to make a one piece lightweight board for CCN in the not too distant future. The mat is temporary while I work on learning the game, but I have plans! As the board size comes down to just 3' x 4' 6" (9 hexes x 13 hexes) I can envisage being able to produce landscaped boards along the lines of those in the 'paintingshed' blog. That guy games at grand tactical scale with 60 x60 bases representing brigades and his boards are painted as though looking down from above. I would have to 'zoom in' somewhat so the boards could be more detailed.

    fireymonkeyboy, thanks for looking in here. Yes, the bases are 60 x 60mm, pre cut thin wood as sold by Baccus. Table currently as said above. You can scale this game up or down to suit depending on hex size.


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