Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Commands & Colors - 2nd test battle in stages.

Some spare time this afternoon means I got to play through a few moves of my second test battle under the C&C rules. I will present these sessions as a series of simply annotated images, move by move. There may be a delay between posts as I will fit this in as and when I can. This is the OOB, please note, it is not intended to be a recreation of any battle at this stage, just a learning process.

Commands & Colors -

French are divided into 3 commands:
Left Flank : Marchand - 2 x LC, 2 x LI 1 x FA.
Centre: Loison - 4 x LI, 1x Grenadiers, 1 x Lancers and 1 x FA.
Right Flank - Mermet - 1 x Lancers, 1 x Cuirassiers, 2 x Legere & 1 x FA.

British - 3 commands.
Left Flank: Pack - 1 x LI, 1x Light infantry (LTI) & 1 x Horse artillery.
Centre: Picton - 3 x LI, 1x Rifles, 2 x Foot Guards, 1 x HC, 1 x LC & 1 x FA.
Right Flank: Cole - 1 x Light I, 1x LI, 1x HC & 1 FA.

French to move first, 5 victory banners for a win. If a hill is occupied by 3 friendly units with no enemy unit present a VB is awarded. If enemy units regain the hill the VB must be returned.
5 Command Cards per side.

Moves 1 to 3 in pictures. If I miss anything I'm sure my dedicated online C&C tutor 'Foy' will assist me by correcting me, I generally only need to be reminded of something once so his input so far has been extremely useful - thank you Sir :-)

*Edit* - Lancers have no ability to ignore 'flag' rolls under the rules, but can re roll a 'flag' die roll when in melee combat throw except against cuirassiers. This makes sense, it gives an edge to lancers in melee combat as one would expect.


  1. Excellent! By Jove - advanced rules for lancers - I'd have had to look that one up. Respect....

  2. Thank you Sir :-)... the reference card shows that lancers may ignore 1 flag roll in combat, I'm going to check through myself but you will probably beat me to it!

    You see how I have embraced those hexes? Great set of rules, discovering them has brought so much of the fun back into my hobby so again I thank you.



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