Sunday, 3 June 2012

Action - moves 3 to 5.

Firstly a correction. The British infantry unit in move 2 below (4th image from top,previous post), should have lost a further 'block' as its retreat to rear was blocked by friendly units. I moved it to the right and back but this was wrong. I have corrected this and it has now been marked down to just 2 blocks remaining  and replaced in position. Thanks to 'Foy' for clarification.

On with the game. British to make their 3rd move.
'Probe centre' card played.  order 2 units. The centre commander moves 2 hexes and attaches to an infantry unit, Foot artillery in centre are ordered to advance 1 hex (cannot fire). Replace and draw new command card.

French move 4. 'Attack right flank' card is played. order 3 units. Artillery ordered to fire, infantry unit advanced 1 hex and heavy cavalry unit advances 2 hexes.

Fire combat: Artillery 'standing' ranged fire at range of 4 hex = throw 1 battle dice. No hit scored.

Replace and draw new command card.

British move 4. 'Probe right flank'  card played. order 2 units. The horse artillery are ordered to advance 1 hex and fire. (Foot artillery cannot move and fire). 1light infantry unit advances 1 hex.

Horse artillery, ranged combat - range = 3 hex and battery moved so just 1 dice. 1 hit scored on a French infantry target (marked down to 3 blocks).

Replace and draw new command card.

French move 5. 'Attack right flank' card played. order 3 units. Right flank commander attaches to poor quality infantry unit. and unit moves 1hex. Heavy cavalry unit advances a further 2 hexes and will be in charge distance next move.

British move 5. Plays the 'co-ordinated advance' card drawn last turn. Order 1 left flank unit, 1 right flank unit and 2 centre units. One unit of Light Dragoons on the left flank advances 2 hex. On the right flank a unit of light infantry advances 1 hex. In the centre the foot artillery are ordered to fire and a line unit advances 1 hex.

Artillery fire 1dice and again no hit scored.Range is 3 hexes.

French move 6 ..... to follow. There will be more exchanges of musketry and some close combat next move or so.

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