Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Command bases and a weather report!

How nice to see the Sun.... finally! It's been unbelievably wet and windy down here on the Kent coast recently, gusty enough to tear a panel off our old shed roof. At last it feels like summer and the kittens have found a nice place to sunbath on a shelf unit inside the shed where the panel is missing. All three are growing fast now and enjoying exploring the great indoors. My painting spot by the doors in the back room is lovely when it's like this. The large bulb in my painting lamp is a 30watt CFL, energy saver. It's 6400k often referred to as 'daylight' blue, and gives a really crisp white light which makes painting these tiny figures much easier.

Anyway, back to the project - I decided to rebase all my command figures onto 30 x 30mm square bases and add a name to the rear of the base. I wanted to give them some identity rather than simply referring to them as 'leaders'. I'll add more as I have plenty of command figures left and they are fun to paint. The names are from scenarios in the C&C book. I'm all set up for another Command and Colours game, and I'll write it up as I go.

The first Portuguese battalion is almost finished and I'm happy with the result so far. The 6 Cacadore skirmishers in their brown coats give a nice contrast. Pics once the base is completed.

Finally (quick post), I ditched the card river sections I started previously, just not happy with them. Once I track down more of the thin plastic sheet I used previously I will re do them, and make them a bit narrower.

Pics of the rebased commanders, plus Gibbo and Kenco sunbathing. 


  1. It's a hard life being a kitten! Good looking Command stands there Lee. I look forward to the next battle report.
    I'm having a break from the Napoleonics at the moment and working on my WWII project as I'm all 'Nap'd out' at the moment.
    Keep up the great work mate.


    1. Cheers Steve - just started another test run of C&C, can't believe how fast the turns move. Just into move 3 and one British cavalry unit routed already!! Very playable for a solo gamer I'm finding... I'm moving round the table like a bloody snooker player :-)

      All the best mate, if only we lived a bit closer I'm sure you would love these rules in spite of those hexes!



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