Saturday, 2 June 2012

Action! - Commands & Colours, Opening moves.

OK, I have a quiet few hours this afternoon so I'll get some play testing done. It will be slow going of course as I'm very much learning these rules at this stage and I want to write it up blow by blow for future reference. This means playing a move, reading rules, taking pics than coming back downstairs to download the images and write it up! I'm very quickly annotating the pics using 'paint' ( I'll have to update my image editing software I know!). Hopefully this should suffice though and by the end of the week I'll have a full battle written up. Next time I will take more care to prepare a proper scenario, but for now its as seen in the first pic. I'm mainly focusing on the rules at this stage as I hope you will understand.

5 command cards per side. 5 Victory banners for a win with a VB awarded for the capture of any village in the opponents half. Simples! French move first as below.

French left flank, first order - 'assault left flank' card played.
British first move - 'Forced march' card played in centre for a general infantry advance at double move rate.

French second move 'Bombard card played'.1 Hit on target and 2 'flag' rolls cause them to fall back.
British second move- 'Scout left flank' card played - Rifles advance into woods to front.

French 3rd move - ' Probe centre' card played - 2 infantry units may advance in centre.
Overview with British to complete move 3 - to follow!

Finally, a couple of gratuitous figure shots from the board! Lovely Baccus 6mm of course.


  1. Keep it coming Lee. This is a great way of explaining the game. As a solo player are you simply drawing a random card for each side each turn and moving units accordingly?

  2. Hi Steve - I WILL get that email over to you shortly, bear with me!

    Yes, I'm just playing both sides, drawing the best card I can. But Tony has pointed me to a good random means of selecting a random card for one side when playing solo. I'll add the link to that in the email for you but his whole blog is well worth reading for CCN info and games. But because you only have a limited hand to choose from it has a sort of randomised feel anyway I'm finding so far. The 'hand' is constantly changing and you try to hold back on some of the action cards for the right moment. What I like is the speed per move as may only get to move a couple of units!


    1. How many times did I manage to use the word 'random' in that short paragraph!! But I'm sure you get my drift :-)

  3. Looking very good Lee, suitably battle-like!

    Cheers, Simon

  4. Excellent, Lee - looking very good. I note the perfectly straight lines of units drawn up on the hex grid.... :-D


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