Tuesday, 12 June 2012

12th Chasseur a cheval, and terrain plans.

Completed a second base of Chasseur a cheval, this time from the 12th Regiment. Next up more British Dragoons. I also had another bash at some hills, still basically hex shaped but more rounded off...... I'm still not happy with them at all! I also made a couple of broken ground hexes, to break up the rather bare looking green mat, I thought I could treat these as sand quarries under CCN rules. I think basically I'm just experimenting at this stage as I plan my intended more detailed and landscaped boards (see below). I'm becoming more focused on what I hope to achieve.

So far.
Current totals are: 20 bases of infantry (31 figures), 7 bases of cavalry (18 figures) and 6 bases of artillery (2 guns and 8 crew) plus numerous command bases, it's really flying along now. What I continue to enjoy in this scale is how I can represent the many different types of troops so quickly, and in time massed cavalry formations will be possible, something that would be way beyond me in 28mm.

Planning ahead and a request.
I continue to think about and plan for my future terrain boards. By an amazing stroke of luck I recently came across an image of the first 6mm layout that really inspired me, way back in 1983/84. I have had this in my mind for a very long time, and I still think it represents for me what would be my ideal achievement in this scale. Seeing it again after all these years (30!) has proved a real motivation. It was made by Steve Dunn, and first appeared on the cover of one of the Wargame magazines, possibly 'Battle for Wargamers' or 'Wargames Illustrated'. If anyone can tell me which, or even better can scan the cover and article I'd love to read it again? Steve described it as representing the Normandy landscape. I love the way the fields were hedged and the irregular shapes. If done in sufficiently low relief my bases could be maneuvered across such a board and look quite realistic I think. Of course there remains the issue of hexes, but I'm working on it

Steve Dunn's original terrain from 1983/84 period.

This single picture represents my goal for this project, how I now make this work with my chosen rules of Command & Colors is going to be the challenge, it may well even take me back to the 'non hex/hex' approach discussed previously, further experiments using the DU stick now I have a firmer grasp of the rules would seem to indicate that it could be done. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Lee, I think that if you can make it work without hexed terrain that might be the best move. Apart from the look of the thing it means you would still be able to use other rule sets in the future on your terrain boards. I looked at the terrain in the link you gave and it really does look smart and would look just right with your figures.


  2. Hi there, I remember an article by Steve Dunn about his 6mm terrain as well BUT with different photos entirely, never seen this one before! I may still have the issue which ran an article about how he planned and made his scenery.
    keep well

  3. I like the sheep, but I have to ask - what role do they play in game?


  4. Ian, I'm sure I'll find a compromise eventually, terrain boards with subtle hexes probably will be the answer.

    Jeremy - you are right about the photo I posted, it IS the same terrain but not from the article itself, this came from the Hull groups archive page, of which Steve is a member and seems to do a lot of terrain making still. The cover I'm thinking of showed Steve sitting by his boards holding a measuring stick, I'd love to see it again.

    FMB - theyre not sheep :-) just supposed to represent rocks/broken ground - but I must admit they DO look like sheep!

    Thanks all,

  5. That picture wasn't on the cover surely?

    What I remember most in that shot was a knitted sweater someone was wearing - sky blue with - yes - sheep on it!!!!

    I'll try to find it for you,



    1. Hi Jeremy - You are correct, that picture I showed was not featured in the article, but it was part of that overall terrain by Steve Dunn. And I also recall THAT sweater!!! I remember thinking "There's no way I would be seen wearing something like that!"

      So we are obviously talking about the same article, and if you could find it and scan it I'd love to see it again.



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