Thursday, 21 June 2012

Commands & Colors - test battle #2 - moves 3 and 4.

Writing this up in short stages is easier for me to keep track of and hopefully presents the game in a format that is also easy to follow.

It's British to complete move 3.

I just now need to decide if the retreat path of the French Chasseurs is correct or if they should instead have lost 2 further blocks ( this is the board game term of course, the number on the rear of the bases represents the number of 'blocks' and is reduced by placing a counter on the base). I will check this and edit here later.


  1. Hi Lee - it all looks very good. How are you adapting the rules for solo play (I've still not played them myself)?


  2. It looks great, Lee, really stunning.

    The retreat path looked right to me, but I'm not sure if they retreated far enough; 2 flags means 2 retreats, but each of these might be 2 or 3 hexes, so they might be in very bad trouble! Check the combat table to see how many hexes they go back on a retreat.

    As you can gather, I'm very rusty.


  3. Hi Ian,

    The rules work very well for solo play, although Tony does have a clever way of randomising the cards played by one hand, I'll add the link when I find it again. But overall the few cards ( 5 or 6) you hold at any one time limits your choice of moves anyway. In this game I wanted to attack in the centre with the Brits where they were strongest, but I lacked the cards to confidently do it so had to attack on the flank first.

    Simon, thanks once again. Units do retreat 1 hex per 'flag' rolled except poor quality 'militia' who retreat 3 hex per flag. If unable to retreat without moving off the board or because retreat path is blocked by enemy or friendly units then a 'block' is lost for each flag instead and the unit remains in situ. This is what should happen so I will correct it.


    1. Ah Lee, it's different in C&C A, units retreat up to 4 hexes per flag! Very scary...


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