Friday, 22 June 2012

A quick Portuguese interlude!

I hope to play a few moves of the battle this evening, but in the meantime this first battalion of Portuguese infantry will be rushed onto the table having arrived slightly late. Very enjoyable unit to paint and I'm pleased with the overall result. I looked at a few flag sources but these from the 'Warflag' site looked especially vibrant and crisp, ideal for 6mm units. The next Portuguese battalion is already undercoated and will be followed by a base of Cacadores. I'd preferred to have seen the officers in shakos and did consider a head swap (the size of a pin head!!), I may yet have a go.


  1. Another great looking paint job Lee. I think you've found your gaming niche for sure.

  2. Thanks Steve, and David.

    Steve, I'm now thinking that I could go on to paint other Napoleonic armies for C&C, I think there is now a Russian Expansion out, could allow me to widen my choice of French too, including the guard etc. The basic game is just so playable.



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