Monday, 18 June 2012

Vistula Lancers.

Some readers may recall that I made a slight cock up when I painted my first unit of French lancers! I had read that the two regiments who served in Spain had been removed from the Legion in 1811 and re designated as the 7th and 8th Chevauleger-lanciers of the French line, but I had not realised that they retained those distinctive uniforms. I will probably paint up a second such unit ( I find I can get 2 of my 18 figure cavalry bases from each Baccus bag with a few left over). The other lancer unit will however continue to serve on my table.

The 28mm figures are Victrix for a scale shot.

I have the first Portuguese battalion undercoated now, plan is for 2 line battalions (each with 6 skirmishing Cacadores), plus a full base of Cacadores, probably in a similar style to my previous 95th Rifles base. Then it's back to more French infantry bases.

River sections.
I have also started on some river sections, curves built on a hex and straight sections in single and double hex length. So far just the blue (which may well be muted down later) and a bit of gravel to edge them. Fair bit of work to do yet, I have enough cut to wind along the full 13 hex table width.


  1. You are really knocking these out!

  2. It's all looking very good Lee. Looking forward to your next game!

  3. Cheers guys. I have another game planned for the next quiet day I get, hopefully later this week.

    FMB, I estimate approx 3.5 to 4 hours max to prepare, paint and base one of these units, so they do fly off the painting desk pretty fast. Another thing I like about 6mm scale.



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