Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tabletop pictures.

Further to my post earlier today I placed everything so far on the table and took loads of pics! Apologies if it seems like overkill, but I wanted to get in all the units I have painted up until now. Used a mix of warm white and 'daylight' bulbs for the lighting with the flash turned off. Some are slightly off focus but after all there are 6mm figures. I won't ramble on, I'll let the pics do the talking. I should just add that I'm still working on the terrain, needs to highlight the road surface etc and add the buildings to the first village base, so its work in progress.

Another battalion of Highlanders on the painting table, then I want to try something different and do a base of rifles in loading and firing poses but in 2 rank close order or possibly random skirmish order, I'll see how they look when I begin to base them up.

OK, here goes!


  1. Very nice - I particularly like the shot looking along the British line. You've achieved a heck of a lot in short time!


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