Saturday, 14 April 2012

More infantry and terrain.

Added two more infantry bases, a French Legere base and a British line base with skirmishing 95th Rifles. Currently painting a Highland battalion (tartans should be fun in 6mm!) plus a 3 mounted figure command base. The Baccus castings are brilliant, Picton wears his top hat and his 'brolly' is well defined too.

I also did a bit more work on some terrain items. A few fields and I decided my nice wood bases were too small so combined them into a larger wood base as you can see, better I think. Having been looking around for something suitable to make 6mm roads from I chanced upon a plastic folder being thrown out by one of my daughters. Most materials were just too thick for 6mm scale but the plastic looked ideal. I did a test piece by covering in PVA and adding my scatter mix of fine grit and 'earth foundation flock' both from Gale Force scenics. Once dry the plastic remains flexible but does not warp! I then edged it with static grass, just very lightly. I've made up about 10 feet of this so far, really simple and fast. The pieces can be cut to any size with scissors. I will finish them with Vermin brown patches, highlighted with a white drybrush plus the odd clump of grass along the middle here and there. Should look nice once finished I hope.

Once I have 6 bases per side I will have a run through of a couple of sets of rules, firstly Paul Lennistons set that some may remember me trialing on my old blog. I remain a fan of them and want to see how they can adapt to 6mm. I like the Polemos set too, but I can't see how to get round the 'tempo bidding' phase when playing solo? To simply randomise it would remove much of the command and control element where a player makes a judgement on how many temp points to 'bid' retaining enough to be able to issue his orders. I'll have a run through anyway and see how it goes.

Took loads of pics, it's hard in this scale to get crisp pics. My 30watt CFL 'daylight blue' painting lamp was used to light these shots, with the flash turned off. Apologies if it seems like overkill!


  1. This project is coming on a treat Lee and looking really good. The solo rules problem is an ongoing one for me too as I still haven't found that 'perfect' set that lends itself to solo play. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great stuff Lee, I am amazed that there are even Shako plates painted. You can really whip these out, but where's Picton>


  3. Hi Lee - I really like the clever road idea. I'm trying to make some myself at the moment using some brown fabric as the terrain tiles don't have enough roads for this scale.


  4. Thank you chaps :-)

    Steve, it's all coming together quite fast.

    John, those shako plates are actually cast on! The Brits were remade not so long ago and the sculpts and castings look slightly crisper than the older French range, but they all paint up OK.

    Ian, the roads are again quick and simple to make but look quite good I think. I used an old A4 folder, the plastic is thin and flexible and once I worked out to use scissors rather than a craft knife cutting the 25mm strips was easy.



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