Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Step by step guide - Part 2. Basing.

So we have the battalion painted and ready for basing.

First step for me is to mark out the small area on the right rear of the base which will be my unit identification number. I want to avoid lots of markers on the table so will record stuff on a chart instead. Cut down the skirmisher strips. I then add a VERY thin sausage of blue tack to the bottom of each base. I do this in order to prevent the figures from slipping or moving once in the wet PVA glue, it's worth doing. Now coat the base liberally with PVA and brush it out to the edges, avoiding the small pre marked area. carefully place the figures in position and push down gently once you are happy with the composition. In this case 2 deep line with skirmishers in front and officer at rear.

Now I take my old box of ground cover material. Yes, it's an old Barbie lunch box ( slightly embarrassing!). In it I keep a mix of 1 pot of Ground Force scenics 'Earth scatter' and 1 pot of fine grit from the same company. Carefully lift the base and hold by its edges before covering it in the scatter material. So long as the figures are dry and you have been careful in placing them none of this will stick to the figures.

Let this dry thoroughly, about 4 to 5 hours I find before its dry enough for the next stage. Now take Vermin brown (Citadel) and adding a drop of water to thin it slightly select areas to paint patches and leave to dry. I use a then long handled brush to work in between the ranks being careful not to touch the figures. It drys down darker yet leaves a nice highlight on the exposed grit.

Once the brown is dry its time to add the flock. I love this part as the whole base springs to life as a finished piece. I use Citadel static grass as I like the quality. Baccus do a nice shorter strand grass for 6mm figures too. So now I carefully paint PVA glue over the non brown areas, using an old fine brush to work up over the bases where possible and in between the ranks. I tend to do this in stages as you can see.

And that's it done! I would say the basing is probably another hours work or so but it's well worth the effort and care required. Final shots show the completed base.


  1. Very effective Lee. I must say your 6mm project is really coming along nicely. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great tutorial Lee. Bit different to my technique but they look superb.

  3. Thank you chaps :-) I hope to play my first 6mm game within the next couple of weeks.



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