Sunday, 8 April 2012

British Heavy Dragoons.

18 figures seem to look quite nicely balanced on a base I think. I painted the men in one session and the horses later the same day. Again touches of brighter highlights here and there seem to lift them.

18 French cuirassiers undercoated and ready next. After that it will be 2 more French line battalions followed by a British line battalion with 95th rifles skirmishers and a highland battalion, which should be fun in 6mm! That's the plan for the week ahead.

I'll be re decorating the planned wargame room soon and the table size will be reduced to a more comfortable 3.5 feet wide x 5foot long, ideal for 6mm games. I plan to frame the table with raised edges. I'll pin the Citadel battlemat down tight, improve the surface colour with shades of brown etc and use the offcuts to cover my hills to match. I'm working on trying to keep the cat out of the room, as she insists on creeping in there when I forget to shut the door and I just know she would happily sleep on top of my fragile figures!

I have to say I feel that I may have finally found what I've been searching for in this hobby, the ability to produce units quickly but to a reasonably nice standard has go me hooked on 6mm. It's more affordable and very satisfying, with the vision of dozens of regiments of cavalry on the tabletop a real possibility.

Cuirassiers to follow!


  1. Cracking work Lee! Looking forward to seeing your units in action!

  2. An absolutely blinding output of figures! Looking really good.

  3. actually i do not understand this 6mm binging - how can anything so tiny be discribed as great work you can;t even see the figures and forget detail - sorry but this just is not my cup of tea 25mm and 28mm are IMHO still the best medium for wargaming while 40mm is too large.

  4. mind you the "stands" look great and that is a technique I would love to figure out how to do properly

  5. Cheers chaps :-)

    VolleyFire, I'm sorry you don't get the 6mm thing, it's not to everyones taste I understand that. However, a lot of creative work still goes into producing these bases and the appeal of this scale is very much en masse as opposed to individual units/figures. The basing method is quite straightforward and I'd be happy to do a guide to the method.



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