Wednesday, 4 April 2012

First 6mm French battalion.

Painted in 2 short sessions, 31 figures, French line infantry battalion. I need to correct the drummers coat colours, but easily done in this scale! I will vary the trouser colours in future units. You can see I added a few covered shakos for contrast. I used a lighter blue on the coats as 6mm definitely benefits from this. I think as I 'get my eye in' in this scale I should be able to improve slightly, but overall and standing back a foot or so I really like the effect. I added a 28mm (Victrix) figure for scale as requested by John. I'm finding it's a different mind set required in 6mm, you have to accept that the impact is in the en mass effect and you're never going to get perfect individual figures. What I love most is how you can easily complete a base in a short time, which means the potential for painting loads of different units becomes a reality.

Another French infantry base next, followed by a British Heavy Dragoon regiment, probably 16 figures on a base in a kind of 'arrowhead' formation which gives a good impression of charging cavalry in this scale.


  1. Thanks, I have to say that the detail you have managed is amazing.


  2. You look like you've been painting these for years Lee! Great job.

  3. Thank you John.

    Steve, I must have spent hours staring at pics of 6mm figures so I knew exactly how I wanted them to look. I think the basing is crucial, and also the placing of the figures. Using the Citadel 'fine' brush makes such detail work easy, for cheapish brushes I find them excellent quality and I can paint incredibly thin lines with no separation of the hairs. I still think I can do better though! Cheers mate,



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