Monday, 23 April 2012

12th Light Dragoons - and painting horses in 6mm.

Completed the Light Dragoons base last night, the standard 18 figures. Really pleased with this unit I have to say. Again I exaggerated  the highlights on the horses muscles etc which seems to work in his scale. Shades used for the horses (for future reference) were:

Citadel Calthan brown - base colour, then -
Foundry Tan highlight with Tan +white touches OR
Calthan brown + white for variety.
Cote d'arms horse tone chestnut base, then add touch of white for highlight (not too much or it turns pink!).
Black horses, highlight with Foundry Charcoal black.

The next unit is another battalion of British line infantry. I'm going to do a colour by colour reference as I paint this unit with photos of each stage, as well as the 3 stages for the bases. I hope some will find it useful and it will also serve as a future reference for myself. I'll do the same for the French line infantry next week .


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