Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chasseur à cheval & village base.

Completed the base of line Chasseur a cheval, 18 figures. Will add a second unit of these later with different facings. I have also just finished my first village base, which will hold 3 of the Time cast Peninsular buildings I'm waiting for. The black patches are where they will be placed. This one has a road running through which matches the roads I started making a few posts back - see here. The next village base will have 4 buildings including a lovely church model, I can't wait for them to arrive. This is an aspect of the hobby I love working on, and lurking in the back of my mind are dark thoughts of heavily landscaped terrain boards in the future. I blame Ian for this! But the potential is huge, something like the 'Siborne' model that I'm sure I saw many years ago at Dover castle.

Coming next is French battalion base number 6, the 4th Swiss regiment. Can't resist them any longer I'm afraid! I'm actually now thinking of removing the large number/letter on those bases and replacing them with a colour code as suggested in Polemos to indicate unit quality and skirmish value instead. I then want a way of representing the changing 'shaken levels' in a way that will not look too out of place, possibly some kind of marker base with a casualty on, not sure yet. On the subject of markers I painted up a couple of brigade command stands, purely for the look of them as Polemos does not represent brigade commanders on the table. I placed them on round bases to indicate that they are just 'markers'.


  1. Lovely work Lee. I really must get some 1/72nd Chasseur a Cheval for my own Nap project.. They make a nice change from all that French blue!
    Great work mate and good to hear you're enjoying your 6mm project,

  2. They look great as does the terrain. Sorry for putting the cat amongst the pidgeons re terrain units but I have to say that if I had the time I would make some for my ACW figures. Only problem is that my 8' x 4' table would need a minimum of 32 one-foot tiles so I know it's never going to happen. I'm really enjoying following this project Lee so keep it up!


  3. Very attractive - very impressed.

  4. Wow! What an impressive sight!! The level of detail is incredible!

    Your posts have inspired me to get some Napoleonic models next! I think I will start off with the 28 mm though! Perhaps a highland company!

    Hope the recovery is going well!!

  5. You are doing a fantastic job of those 6 mm figures. I'd love to see a photo of the 'armies' to date too.

    I will be interested to hear your impressions of the Polemos rules once you have played a game. I presume from your basing that you'd be using Marechal de l'Empire (MdE)?

    We had not yet tried MdE het, but have used General de Division (GdD). We thought that they were quite good and played pretty well. The novel combat system seems strange when you read it, but it worked well. We did not like one key aspect of the tempo system, viz. the need to 'prompt' formations to act each turn (via the allocation of tempo points). I realise that this is more of a system of managing time rather than command and control per se, but it is frustrating to have to 'prompt' a formation to, for example, keep advancing or to keep attacking! MdE seems to handle the tempo idea better by allowing the accumulation of tempo points.

    Anyway, enough of that. Keep posting those pics of those beaut figures!


  6. Thanks a lot chaps, much appreciated.

    James, nice to hear an opinion of how Polemos play.



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