Saturday, 7 April 2012

More 6mm pics!

French battalion number 2 completed. Very pleased with the result. Again brighter dabs of colour really bring these tiny figures out, I highlighted the officers horse far more than I would say a 28mm horse for example, but it seems to work.

Made up a couple of tree bases, very enjoyable in his scale. They are just clump foilage glued to cut down cocktail sticks, bases treated and the foilage given a quick highlight. The bases are infact old pennies! I have piles of them, Victorian and Edwardian, they are bigger and thinner than current 2p coins so are ideal for a group of 3 trees.

British Heavy dragoons undercoated and ready for paint, again I reckon a 1.5 hour session will finish them. I think I'll go for 2 ranks of 8 troopers with the officer in front with his trumpeter, but I'll play a round to find the best composition.


  1. It's all looking really good Lee!

  2. Looking really good Lee! Why can't 20mm figures be so quick to paint up?

  3. Thank Ian, I think I may have finally found what I've been looking for in this hobby!

    Steve, I can understand what you mean, but at least you already have a good number of figures painted up.




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