Sunday, 6 May 2012

More on 6mm rules - a quick post

I'm just sitting up waiting for 'Match of the Day' to start ( I always try to avoid the results earlier!) so thought I would post a quick link to another couple of good set of rules I found some time back on the 'paintingshed' blog, which I have to say was a big inspiration in my decision to go 6mm. It's good to find rules written specifically for square based 6mm figures and both of Steve's sets feature many good ideas. I've read through both today and I have to say the 'version 3.0' rules I really like  and will no doubt play test shortly.

Steve's 'paintingshed' blog Napoleonic rules 3.0  

Steve's 'paintingshed' 'Napoleonic squares' 6mm rules  (For a board divided into grids)

Footies about to start so I'll be back with more painted French infantry bases soon!

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