Saturday, 5 May 2012

92nd Highlanders and more terrain shots.

Finished another infantry base, the 92nd Foot. Painted and based another building and edged all the rest of my roads. Put it all on the table for a few more pics of it all together so far. Starting to come together gradually now. I'll leave it set up over the weekend and try a few moves. Table size in the shots is 5 x 4. Mat is a Citadel Battlemat for the time being.


  1. Looking great! Most impresive.

  2. Coming together nicely now Lee. Great work.

  3. Thank you BRB.

    Steve, cheers mate :-) I'm having trouble adding your blogs new URL to my list, everytime I paste the new link in and click 'add' it reverts to the old 'scenics' one! Got me scratching my head but I'm sure I'll figure it out. Your buildings look great, I really like them.



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