Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A bit of landscaping therapy!

Second post of the day! Having a spare hour this afternoon I glued down 3 painted buildings and did a bit of 'bedding in' to soften the edges with clump foliage etc. I find this so incredibly relaxing and rewarding, I'd love to landscape a full terrain system!

I should point out to anybody who has only started following this blog recently that I'm not currently working (after a 30 year career in print and design) as I recover from a serious mental breakdown towards the end of last year which very nearly forced me over the edge .... quite literally. I'm committed to a minimum of 20 weeks of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and only recent finally got a diagnosis from a consultant Psychiatrist of Dysthymia, a long term ongoing depressive illness which basically robs you of the ability to find any enjoyment or pleasure in life and gradually destroys your quality of life. I'm recovering well though now and modelling and painting really helps me. Drastically increased medication and intensive talking therapy is slowly getting me back on my feet again I'm pleased to say, but I remain under the care of the local Mental Health team who are wonderful people. Anyway, enough of all that miserable stuff, here's a few more pics.

I need to spend some time on my real garden next couple of days, its that time of year to get the veg patch dug over and sorted. I've added a pic of one of the recent arrivals, shes already taken to sleeping by my painting desk.


  1. Those look fantastic Lee. Great idea to fit the buildings to scenic tiles. To me the terrain is as important (if not more so) than the troops. How many gamers do you see with beautifully painted figures which must have take an age to paint which are then plonked onto a table covered with an old blanket and the odd tree thrown on? The terrain / landscape is the most visible part of the tabletop so to me it should be given more attention than wasting time counting the buttons on a fusiliers tunic!.. I've finished ranting now. I may go and post my thoughts on this on my blog.

    1. Great point Lee. We usually try for relatively scenic battles as they do add to the occasion. But sometimes we're limited on club nights as to what's left in the cupboard.

  2. Great painting. And I love your kitten!

  3. Lovely work! I also find painting very relaxing, I'm glad to see that it is working for you, too.

    Cheers, Simon

  4. Ah Lee, now you're just going to have to do those full terrain tiles! You know you want to...


  5. Ha - love the puss... clearly settled in nicely..

    Terrain tiles looking good!

  6. I agree: a great job and a lovely kitty! I love cats: I live with 6 around!

  7. Cheers all :-)

    Ian, I'm sure I will do terrain boards in the future, in this scale it's both manageable and affordable. Finally I feel I have found the scale that will allow me to achieve my wargaming ambitions! I also plan to do ECW in 6mm in future too now.

    Rafa, I remember the pics of your cats on your blog. We actually have 3 kittens now, was supposed to be 2 but we decided to give a home to the final one from the litter! They have been incredibly well litter trained and have not had a single 'accident' since arriving home. I caught all 3 up on my painting desk yesterday playing together, luckily I had heeded my wifes advice to keep the figures safe.

    Thanks again for following chaps.



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