Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Flexi-stream sections.

Having knocked off another french line battalion (number 7) I took a break before painting number8 to make up some quick stream/river sections. I used the same flexible black plastic that I used for the road sections (here). I marked them out in 25mm widths and simply cut with scissors to get a bendy river effect. I then used a dark blue acrylic and added dashes of white (primer) before going back and blending them in. The photos show the stages. Once dry I added a thin bead of PVA along each edge and sprinkled with my usual foundation 'dirt'/fine grit mix. Next stage was to highlight using Citadel Vermin Brown, then once dry add random patched of PVA and drop static grass (I used to use Citadel, but now I find Gale Force Scenics static grass just as good and cheaper). The bare areas were then highlighted with Citadel Foundation Iyunden Darksun (stupid names but good paints! basically a sort of earthy yellow). Finally a coat of thick old gloss varnish along the 'water'. Done.

They really were very quick to make, certainly being able to cut with scissors helps. I made about 7 feet or so, but could easily add more if required for a certain scenario, as is the case with my road sections.

Of course I had to take photos, I enjoy making terrain and from the start I wanted this to blend together along edges etc, which I think/hope it does? Hills are next up, then I need to go into mass production with my tree construction. A few shots of the French so far with the seven battalions of infantry together. I have another battalion undercoated, which will be more Legere, then it will be the eight British battalion. Once these are done I'll play the first test game before getting back to painting again.

Citadel paint range - changes to names etc.
I was a bit dismayed to read that Citadel had changed and renamed their paint range. However, having tried a few of the new versions its clear to me that they are improved in that all of the base colours are very thick and pigmented like the Foundation paints. Coverage is excellent, and strong vivid colours are essential in 6mm painting. The new 'whites' really work well and allow fine lines on belts etc that stand out strongly with just a fine stroke of the brush. I'd recommend any 6mm painter to try a few of these. Just for the record, heres the comparison chart between old and new shades/names. Thought I would place it here for quick reference.

New Citadel Colour Guide.

Photos show the river sections at various stages plus on the table top. Also a shot of Marcie the Golden Retriever under siege by the '3 Terrors'! ......"Help' I'm stuck on my bed."


  1. Hi Lee, my suspicion is that the cats are students of Napoleon!

    The terrain and figures all look great...


  2. They look great Lee. Do you think the material you use for the roads and river sections would be ok for bigger scales?


  3. Cheers Ian. I think you may be right about the cats :-)

    Steve, it could be, I'll make up a wider section to see how it looks. It stays nice and flat, I half expected it to turn up/twist but as the PVA is flexible you can bend it and twist it and its fine.

    All the best,


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