Thursday, 28 April 2016

'Point defence' a Tiger's eye view!

The Tiger is on the table! Lost count of the hours of footage I have watched about this iconic Panzer, from design to construction and on to it's last desperate battles in Normandy, it's good to be finally able to 'play' with one in a game of bolt action. Here it is pitched against a Soviet force that includes a T34 and plenty of cover to break the sight lines up, so I'm more confident of it than my M4 Shermans, but we shall see.

'Point Defence' was the scenario rolled for, so a roll for attack/defence and table sides saw the Germans defending and the Russians attacking, perfect for a try out! Its basically the standard six turn scenario (roll for final seventh on turn six. D6), As it's solo I decided to deploy the Germans at the point of disembarking from the half tracks and rushing to take control of the village, 12" from table edge, and then have the Russians off table to start the game, with all coming straight on in the first wave. There are 3 objectives represented by round bases with ammo/gas etc that have been placed within 6" of the table edge and 24" apart as per the scenario. The Russians can win by taking two of the objectives before the end of the six turns, quite a challenge when facing two MG42 teams and a Tiger!

Took a few eye level pics, as that's what Bolt Action true line of sight is about, not much to see so far from the German perspective, but the observer is well sited to see all along the road and beyond the village, when those Russians come on, he will will see them first. What I love about this game are those wonderful 'cinematic' moments that you can capture, I think these troops have a real sense of movement.

Back with full report soon.

Col. Von Strohm is never far from the action!


  1. Looking great Lee! Love what you've done with the basing!

    1. Hi James,

      I'm enjoying myself with BA, trying not to take it too seriously!

  2. Very nice set up. Should prove to be a cracking game!

    1. Thanks Dai, I have packed a fair bit of terrain on the table to break things up.


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