Sunday, 17 April 2016

ME262 completed.

An extremely rare sight in the skies above Normandy I know, but the ME262 is just such an iconic aircraft that I had to have on.! To say that the paint job was challenging would be an understatement, and it almost went in the bin on more than one occasion as I just could not get it to look right or even 'acceptable'. It took hours of painting and overpainting to get it to this stage at which point I had to stop or I could have gone on for ever! The dappling effect was a complete bu**er to do.

It's just a marker after all for the air strike rules, but does add a nice touch above the table. It can be removed from the flight stand and replaced by another aircraft model. I will be adding a Russian aircraft in due course as I'm quite enjoying these Airfix kits.

Still messing about with twigs and leaf foliage, here's a bit I made for the Tiger, I like it. and once a little more variation is added to the leaf shades it should be even better.


  1. Great looking aircraft - your whole set up really does look good!

  2. Nice jet!

    Those leafy branches really do look good.

  3. Thank you Ian, I'm very pleased with how things are coming along, and enthusiasm has never been higher :)


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