Thursday, 4 February 2016

German HQ group.

I'm finishing off my German 'HQ' pool, consisting of officers, medics, observers, communications etc, each HQ team gets it's own order dice in BA, so you can send medics off one direction and your forward observers the other as required. Medics have a role to play in this game as described previously, and you get a save throw for every casualty within 4". The high command figures now includes the chubby figure christened Col. Von Strohm (of 'allo 'allo' fame) by Ray, and the name has stuck! Once again it is the sheer character of these castings that is tempting me into buying stuff I don't really need, but BA is a real collectors game I find. I'm also adding one more MG 42 team, using the earlier period infantry for this one.

Back onto more US infantry after these.


  1. A collectors game. I've never really thought of it that way. I like that description.

    1. Hi CK,
      That's really the way I have come to regard BA, there is so much to collect, and I enjoy being able to track down individual figures or small sets to add.

  2. Nice to see these painted up. I find Medics and higher commanders rarely find room in my Soviet lists, though I do have the minis for them. If they get painted up (And they will, eventually...), they'll likely be more for the Collector's reason like you've stated.


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