Sunday, 31 January 2016

First 28mm building completed.

I must say I enjoyed putting this one together, I left out the interior detail such as fireplaces etc! Now it's done I know I made the right decision in changing up, and I'm very pleased that my 15mm buildings have found a good new home (James at 'Mad Tin Hatter), where I know they will be put to good use. It needs a paint job, but it's fairly easy to do using inks I find.

With things settled on the home front I hope to able to have a bash through some of the terrain jobs that need doing, get the hedge sections glued and sprayed, finish off the 'orchard' with apples and buy new 28mm scale trees from S&A scenics for the woods etc. I'll also add a couple more MDF buildings. A lot to do, but I'm determined to see it through before I move on to the AWI.

The German force is about done as you can see, just the howitzer on order from eBay to round it off. Having spent a bit of time recently looking at Panzer cammo patterns of the Normandy period I also plan to retouch the half track and StuG, adding netting and branches etc as was typical of that period when the Allies dominated the skies. The US infantry force is mostly done too, just another dozen or so infantry to paint plus the artillery piece.

Another little plan I have is to make one of these, (tabletop periscope), to save the constant bending down to eye level when checking LoS...... it just looks such fun!

28mm & 15mm MDF buildings.


  1. "Une bien belle boulangerie!"

  2. Nice blown out bakery! Your Hun are looking rather splendid mate. You work quickly!

    Tabletop periscope, what an interesting idea.


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