Friday, 19 February 2016

US army completed.

The US infantry force are about done too now, just a couple of observer figures to finish off. The 20 infantry arrived from ebay and I must say I'm delighted with them, apart from the bases being just slightly thicker (I'll file them down to match later), they are a perfect match for my own painting. I will continue to work on all of these figures and tanks etc, but they are all now ready for battle and I think a refresher game is in order before I strip the table to finish the hedges etc.

I'm going to play a mission from the Bolt Action rule book and will write up the six turns as best I can. I'll make it a 1000 points game.

Here come the Yanks!

And finally, I had to paint this guy up in order to complete my German field command, as Von Strohm failed his medical on account of being overweight and his subordinate has eyesight issues, his monocle tending to drop out when running, (difficult enough in that heavy full length coat). I like this one too, he reminds me of Big Sam Allardyce, currently managing Sunderland!


  1. Those new infantry fit in just fine. Even the bases aren't that much of a difference from here to need adjustment to match the ones you did yourself if you ask me Lee.

    Allardyce indeed.... Hehehe.

    1. Hi Dai,
      You are right, it's not worth risking damage to the figures, I'll leave the bases as they are :)

  2. Nice looking army, well done!

  3. I bought my son-in-law some Bolt Action Brits for Christmas to entice him away from fantasy but so far have resisted myself - still too many Napoleonics waiting! Your figures and terrain look great but you have missed one detail for the Yanks you need to make a scale crate of coke a cola. My Dad always said that with the Americans the coke arrived before the ammo but maybe the RAF boys were just jealous...

  4. Hi Ian,

    I hope BA works it's magic on your son in law, I'm told it is derived from '40K' (whatever that is!), and has bought many new players over from fantasy gaming into historical wargaming, certainly the rules are refreshingly different from any others I have played.

    I'm planning two command group bases to round off my forces and little details like the crate of coke will really help make them stand out! Cheers for that Ian, I'll start thinking about how to make it!


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