Thursday, 11 February 2016

A trio of Shermans & Panzer weathering.

Once again this last week has been busy on the domestic front and my painting time has been limited to short sessions, but I'm slowly pulling together the strands of this Bolt Action project. I have spent a bit more time on my tank models, getting all three Shermans finished with the exception of a touch of weathering, I'm waiting for the MiG Mud to come back into stock at s&m stuff, my regular supplier of paints and general modelling supplies. One Sherman does lack half a command hatch, if I can't find a replacement I shall have to make one from scratch. All have now had the plastic crew replaced with Warlord metal castings, and a mix of metal and resin stowage. I'm pleased with the look overall.

On the German front I'm onto the artillery piece that will complete my list the 10.5 cm leFH 18 (light field howitzer), and crew of 4 plus observer. I decided to give my StuG and half track a touch more weathering before I add the netting (surgical gauze) and foliage (green tea leaves), so brushed a thinned sepia ink over the cammo pattern. I'm really very pleased with the result, it's blended the shades and has a very realistic 'dirty' finish. StuG number two is fully built and undercoated ready for it's paint job.

The German gun after assembly, undercoat, base coat and sepia ink wash.

So that's the Germans about done, the US forces are not far behind just the artillery piece and crew to paint. I mentioned previously that I required two more US infantry squads to complete the army, well I spotted 20 infantry on eBay, well painted and would match perfectly my own troops so I have a bid on them, never bought painted figures before, but they will finish the job so fingers crossed I win them. In this one case I'm prepared to go to £3.00 per figure (bearing mind these are plastic figures!).

Not much progress on terrain I'm afraid, hedges still need gluing etc, have some new S&A scenics trees coming today, should scale things up a little more.


  1. Some lovely looking models there Lee! Well done!

    1. Thank you James, that's quite a compliment coming from you :)

  2. Shermans look great Lee. Those metal crew sculpts make a difference for sure.


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