Thursday, 25 February 2016

Bolt Action 'top secret' scenario, turns 1 & 2.

Time for a refresher battle I think, a solo run though, table set up as shown below. All hedges block line of sight UNLESS squad or team is directly behind it where it is assumed they will have LoS through it and be able to fire through it. Soft and hard cover pretty clear I think, the crop fields represent waist high crops only so no cover moving through it unless on a 'down' order. The small orchard is soft cover too and may block line of sight, although I have left a few open sight lines through it. Remember that in Bolt Action an 'ambush' order given to any unit means it can choose to take it's shot at any time a target becomes visible by moving across it's front etc, so you have to watch out for that.

For this game I simply selected two even sides of:

  • 3 infantry squads of 10 men each commanded by an NCO (marked with a touch of red blossom on the base).
  • 3 support teams per side (selected from :Mg's/anti tank/sniper/mortar) 
  • HQ: commander  1st Lieutenant or equivalent, medics and Observers
  • 1 AFV (Sherman for US and half track for the Germans).

I rolled for scenario, scored a five so it's the 'Top Secret' mission where both sides have to attempt to move on and reach a central objective, retrieve the important secret papers and retreat back to own table edge with them. Everything starts the game off table in 'reserve' mode so requires an order test to activate, with a minus 1 modifier being applied. I rolled for sides with the US winning the more advantageous side in terms of hard cover to assault from.

It's the standard BA 6 turn scenario, with a possible final seventh decided on the roll of a dice. Dice in the cup ready to go.

Turn 1.
The Americans get the first 3 dice out the cup, so get a good initiative and move towards the objective. The Germans can only run up to the hedgerow, ready to advance over it next turn. German observer is also deployed along the hedgerow, from where he can see the US sniper moving into the bombed out building. He is spotting for the mortar team, brought up to put some fire into the large infantry squads heading for the objective, an MG42 team is also deployed along the hedgerow. Two US units fail order tests to come on, an infantry squad and light mortar team sit on the table edge with 'down' orders  and will try again on turn 2. The M4 Sherman moves on in support, but can see little at this stage by way of targets. The German half track takes advantage of the increased road move rate and takes off to get a good position further along the road, it carries medium machine guns front and rear so can pack a punch.  Medics staying close by, things could get tough around that objective shortly.

Overview, the objective is the stacked boxes beside the orchard. One contains the secret document.

German grenadiers mass for the advance.

Two failed order tests on turn 1.

The Sherman moves up into the fight with MG's blazing.

US recce peering through the hedge can see the advancing squads.

Ready to attack!

Turn 2.
No point in holding back, this is a race to retrieve the secret document, so need to get an infantry squad onto the objective, mark which figure is carrying it and retreat back to own table edge. Once again the first 3 dice are green (I gave them a good shake up!), so the infantry race forward and one squad grabs the objective, there are the first exchanges of fire resulting in pins and casualties. The Sherman rolls forward and fires it's MMG's at Germans behind the hedgerow nearest to the objective, getting a pin and killing one Grenadier. US MG team opens fire through the orchard, hitting a german squad, the German response is to advance it's MG42 team and open fire (5 shots for an MG42 to reflect the high rate of fire), killing the US machine gunner ('exceptional damage' 6 followed by 6). With the MG42 team deployed in the open the US sniper takes a potshot and misses. The half track moves further down the road, finding and opens fire, again pinning and causing a casualty to another US squad moving up across the road. Situation at end of turn 2 is shown below, dice left on to show who's doing what hopefully. 

Order dice back in the cup for turn 2.

US infantry move onto the objective, the red dot on base indicates the carrier of the secret document!

Germans move up on the other side of the hedge, ready to attack next turn.

Indirect fire, failed to hit on first shot.

German general advance over the hedgerow and into the orchard.

Half track hit the unit at right of pic, putting a pin on it and killing 1 man.

US plan is to grab the document and carry it back through the gate into the hard cover courtyard and off table.

But the half track hovers menacingly further along the road.

Turn 3 will see some real action and close quarter fighting as the Germans attempt to gain control of the documents before it's too late. Its going to be very much down to what colour dice comes out of the cup first, the Sherman is poised to put some more MG fire into the nearest German squad, and retains the option of loading HE shell to break up the general advance of the infantry or load AP shot and try to take out the armoured car possibly. The Germans need to get more pins on the US squads in order to stop them moving so first dice for them could give them that opportunity to gain initiative.

Turns 3 and 4 will follow shortly.

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