Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Painted US infantry a review, and last few bits for now.

I mentioned recently that I had bought 20 painted plastic Warlord US infantry via eBay, and I'm so pleased with them that I thought a little promotion for the painting service would be in order here.

As you can see there are 20 figures, looks like the contents of the 'D Day firefight' US infantry sprues. First thing I noticed, after having built and painted 20 of these same myself, was how well they had been assembled, the hands actually grip the rifles, unlike some of mine! I know how much time and patience it took me to glue the things together so the price of £2.25 per figure seemed well worth it to me, £45.00 for the 20 figures. The paint job is great, very clean and accurate, the faces nicely blended AND they even have eyes! The shades have been carefully selected and are both accurate and very crisply applied. Bases are 2mm MDF, a little thicker than my 'Warlord' bases but it really does not notice that much.

A very neat job, highly recommended if you want a quick way into Bolt Action.They also sell well painted Germans.  Contact: info@qiricraft.com

Very neat work!

Finished the German mortar team, more mid war, but OK.

Last few bits, that's it, I'm completely out of Bolt Action stuff to paint!


  1. Entirely out of figures? Oh dear, there's a bird of ill omen.

  2. Time to start collecting and painting up those German SS and Commonwealth forces! :P


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