Saturday, 25 June 2016

Bolt Action German army finished!

I need only finish the basing of the High Command group and the Germans are done. I'll let the images do the talking, but basically it represents a BA 'Reinforced infantry platoon' of six 10 man Grenadier squads plus a Hitler Youth tank hunting squad & Volksturm squad which allows for a varied late war force to be selected according to points value. IN addition the support weapons include 2 deployed MG42 MMG teams, a sniper team, medium mortar team and Panzerschreck anti tank team. The HQ teams include a medic and assistant, observers & of course officer and support.

Transport in the form of half tracks is available for 3 infantry squads, each can carry a full squad into battle, and in addition there is another half track provided to tow the light howitzer onto the table.

There is a choice of armour support, the Tiger being of course my favourite, armed with the deadly 88mm gun it's capable of penetrating any other tank in my collection, but is a fuel guzzler so the risk of running out is a risk you take in fielding it. The foliage can be transferred onto the StuG or Hetzer as required. The armoured car is the German recce vehicle, and the Blitz truck provides anti aircraft fire with it's 20mm flak. Finally the High Command base with it's propaganda camerman filming the Generals as they gather around a map is just a little extra touch, but I'm sure it will look pretty on the table if nothing else!

Everything is genuine Warlord products with the exception of just a few foot figures which I got via ebay as they looked like a good match. It's cost me a small fortune to put together, some individual Warlord characters coming in at a princely £2.50 per figure, for example the camerman, but I have to say I'm immensely proud of the collection.

The Russians and Americans are also now fully finished, I'll get the Russians together next for a group picture, I just finished the Airfix Sturmovik and it's a very impressive looking model size wise.

Next stage is back to terrain while I work on the 15mm stuff. I'm going to completely texture the baseboards this week as the grass mat is snagging on the bases and tracks so it's back to filler and sand followed by flock or static grass to match the bases.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, Russians up next week and then it's time for some games.


  1. Lovely big army. Well done!

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful Bolt Action collection!!!

  3. Fantastic collection Lee!

    Looking forward to seeing some batreps!

  4. Great looking army, glad you retained some 28mm german armour, they look fab en masse. Well done.
    Best Iain


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