Friday, 29 November 2013

Best 6mm 'woods' I have seen!

I have been reading up on a few blogs and found this video of a Gettysburg game in 6mm. What I think struck me immediately was the way the wooded areas have been created, maybe I'm out of touch, but I have not seen this method before! It's really very clever and realistic for this scale.

The rules used here are 'Altar of Freedom' ACW, a set that I have been sitting on as a purchased PDF for some time but I have yet to be able to print!! The whole game is very clean and tidy, something that appeals to me.


  1. Great film Lee - I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it. These woods - are they like a sponge on legs?

  2. Looks like they are made using woodland scenics foliage or some thing similar.

    I am using their clump foliage in a different way to produce forest hex tiles for my war game hex board project. These are intended to use at around a 2mm and to be viewed from above, so do not have 'trunks'.

  3. They do look very much like sponges on legs now I look again :-)

    I like the way you just pick them and stuff the figures underneath, no shuffling around of trees etc though I guess the whole woods could tend to 'walk' slightly on the tabletop. I just have an urge to make one!

    Cheers Keith, it's good that clump foliage especially for the smaller scales.

  4. I have made 31 of these forest canopies. The method is here:


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